Saturday from the Secrets Festival!

Saturday from the Secrets Festival!

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By calling this year's parade, the Krishna devotees would like to draw attention to the power of community and the power of faith and family relationships.

Rátha-Jtra: Fierce Film Festival in Budapest
One of the biggest street festivals, the Krishna Hosts, is also held this year by Krishna devotees, in which Krishna celebrates a special form of Jagannatth and his brethren in the city during the festive procession. The parade musicians and dancers are traditionally watched at 11 o'clock in the Heroes and arrive at Vrzsmarty Square from 13 to 14 o'clock, where they have a traditional Indian tradition.
The believers also wish to point out by this event that God is not only present in temples and holy places, but in all creation; as an integral part of living things, though they are always connected with it.
The Rбtha-Jбtra all йvben бtнvelх йs the denominations filozуfiбkon bйke jelkйpe also haladуknak to pass, as Indiбban йvszбzadokon бt this esemйnyen only Hindu szбrmazбsъ szemйlyek could take rйszt but Srнla Prabhupбdбnak, the Krishna consciousness Nemzetkцzi Organization alapнtу tanнtуjбnak kцszцnhetхen this fesztivбlt today you have already all over the world, held in every major city during the summer. Regardless of religious affiliation, it is open to anyone - showing, however, that although we may walk in different paths toward God, our purpose is with all our common people, we are all Gods. The carnival is also a special occasion because according to the faith of the Krishna believers, the Lord Jagannatha, the Ur of the Universe, can be contacted directly from the outside.
Anyone can bring a gift of fruit, flowers, or gifts to the chariot, and the price will accept the gift of the heart - which will be distributed to the participants after the offering. The Price Chariot is traditionally carried by thousands of people, as it is considered that this service has freed itself from the repercussions of any previous sinful act.
At the festival venue, on the Vörösmarty Square, amongst the programs of the festival are traditional Indian music, dance and yoga, philosophical presentation, but also the religious college, the cultural college. At the bazaar you can buy oriental stalls and taste some of the finest Indian exquisite delicacies, such as. the stench or the ice cream specialty, the homemade ice cream. The cavernous people and the elderly are welcomed in comfortable seating in front of the stage.