A woman's brain changes for a lifetime when they become a mother

A woman's brain changes for a lifetime when they become a mother

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In contrast to the effects of chronic drug abuse, science has had a positive effect on mental and maternal changes in pregnancy.

In 2016, a group of neuroscientists studied the effects of maternity on the minds of 25 different women. To understand brain activity, women who participated in the research were examined by MRI before they became pregnant, during pregnancy and more than two years after birth. The results were surprising. Scientists have come to the conclusion that a woman's brain changes for the life of a mother.
The graduate scientists have found that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the gray matter concentration has changed significantly relative to pre-pregnancy condition. In fact, the researchers went so far as to say that by examining the brain activity of women, it could be concluded that the subject's mother was.According to the research, the concentration of gray matter in the brains of men or non-mothers was much higher in the areas responsible for information processing. Several previous studies have shown a correlation between the size of the gray matter that forms the brainstem and the intellect, especially in the area of ​​language, memory, and attention. In this process, the brain connection dries up in areas that are less important to motherhood, so other areas can develop stronger relationships. Non-pregnant women and while mothers have more graying in areas of the brain that read facial expressions, interpret non-verbal signs, and empathize. (- VIA -)
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