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The 5 most common requests for feedback

The 5 most common requests for feedback

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Every mother wants to do her baby's nutrition the best she can, and that's why everyone is usually filled with questions and concerns. From the queries we have collected, we have collected the answer to the 5 most common ones.

1. When to Begin Your Baby's Nutrition?

Your baby's nutrition It is ideal to start at 6 months, but experts say that solid foods should be introduced into the diet at least 26 weeks. It is worth choosing the first solid foods so that they are not avoided by frequent dietary allergies - for example, it is not worthwhile to start with dairy products and cereals.

2. To what extent should the age-specific requirements be followed or should the individual development of the baby begin with a function?

International recommendations are a 26 weeks card are indicated as the latest nutrition feed date, as children will usually run out of supplies that need to be replenished. Generally, at 6 months of age, you need more nutrient intake. So if your baby is introduced to solid foods using BLW (Baby Led Weaning), a baby-led approach to nutrition, you can get help from a professional. It is one of the foundations of the BLW цnбllу ьlйs, which rarely occurs before the baby is 6 months old.

3. Which section of the day, which meals should you choose with a solid meal?

The time of the baby's nutrition is very important! Йrdemes hйtkцznapra, possibly a délelхtti уrбkra to stimulate the introduction of new food. For babies up to 6 months old, it is advisable to include 1 formula other than breast milk / formula, which is 7-8 months 2-3, 9-10 months 3-4 times, while the baby is 11-12 months 5 months. It is worth trying one at a time, and taking a break of at least 3-4 days between the new ingredients to know if something is causing the symptoms.

4. How Much Dosages Should You Begin to Supplement?

Very few of the first evacuation, a couple of snacks It is worth giving the baby - as long as he can eat a normal portion, it will take some time. What many people spoil is that they neglect how much the baby wants to eat and "feed" it with food. Don't aim for the baby to get rid of everything in the bowl, and if you want something more than the "big book" rule, you can afford it. If the little one is healthy and well, we don't have to worry about it.

5. How much force should we give them? Maybe try something new all the time?

If your baby doesn't accept some food at first, you don't have to be scared right away - there may be times that you have to sacrifice to taste it. As with quantity, there is nothing to force, so it is worth keeping in mind that you do not have to taste everything for the little one. The taste in children, too, is constantly changing, so the best thing we can do to help her get all the important nutrients.

Generally a good advice on nutrition

It cannot be emphasized enough that from a quality, reliable, chemical-free source from raw materials, it is worth making small food. We are looking to buy products that meet the high quality standards of the product and possibly bio qualitative. It is also an important requirement not to contain added sugar. Over time, biscuits, puffed cereal balls, fruit juices and fruit juices are also on the rise. If there is one thing to do, do not give the baby products that are made for adults, and in many cases they are less safe because of the ingredients and ingredients. So, these types of products are also worth choosing which are specifically tailored to the needs of babies and toddlers, based on expert advice.If the price / value ratio is important, sign up for a baby program that will give you easy access to discount coupons.This article was published by Müller.