Can the Reversal Loss Be Reversed?

Can the Reversal Loss Be Reversed?

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According to the CSO's statement on Wednesday, fewer children were born last year, which is a 1.2 percent drop in GDP compared to 2010.

For the first time, it was surprising that at the hearing of the Budget Committee on Thursday, Gyolgy Matolcsy stated that the introduction of the flat-rate tax system had a positive effect on children. According to the Head of Department, flat rate tax announcements have already "fueled the fantasy of Hungarian men and women," and data from the past six months show that the number of births has risen. And if you look at the data, it's true: Between January and May, there were 3626 fewer children, and between June and November, 1329 more children were born than a year earlier. From this point on, the depletion of history at the historical point is not so much bitter. But would it really be that simple? And will the growing trend continue?