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So prevent allergies

So prevent allergies

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Research results suggest that, even before the onset of an allergy, a few natural and simple methods can help the immune system to develop and function properly.

It's okay to have a dog close by

According to experts, exclusively breastfeeding in the first half and then breastfeeding, especially in cereals, suppresses the baby . First of all, no food should be removed from the mother's diet, but it is worth noting the small eminence and skin.Takarнtбsnбl, in your living room, in your baby's room, you avoid chemicals because they are constantly trying to burden the body. Your nose helps: What smells like is not going to be good for you. Use only water-based paints and natural detergents. Ventilate several times a day so you can grow with plastic nipples gombaspуrбktуl you also get rid of it. It is forbidden to smoke not only in the apartment, but also on the terrace and in the car! tъlйrzйkenysйg. The dog does not, the cat can cause an allergic reaction.A little dirt does not hurt. Betegsйggel, fertхzйssel fighting the immune system, so if you protect the child completely, it will also make it impossible for the immune system to develop.Related Articles:
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