It affects the baby's genes when it is too hot during pregnancy

It affects the baby's genes when it is too hot during pregnancy

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For the first time, researchers have been able to prove that the ever-warming weather has an effect on newborns as well.

It affects the baby's genes when it is too hot during pregnancy (Fotу: iStock) According to recent research, very warm weather during pregnancy can change the genetic material of babies to add to it. Researchers at the UHasselt University in Belgium examined 1,100 newborn babies at Genk House and determined the length of their telomeres from blood taken from the cord. Telomeres are found at the end of chromosomes and protect cells when they divide. In the divisions, the end of the telomeres is a little sad, as long as the cell is unable to divide and it will die. In 2009 he won the Nobel dнjat kutatбs that bebizonyнtotta that telomeres rцvidebb rцvidebb йlettartamot eredmйnyeznek.Az University kutatуi this kцvetхen the Kirбlyi Meteorolуgiai Intйzet mйrхбllomбsбn vizsgбltбk next kуrhбz contact kutatбsban rйszt vevх csecsemхk eredmйnyei йs бtlagos hхmйrsйklet during the time terhessйg kцzцtt . Telomere lengths fell by an average of 1.5% as the weekly average temperature rose by 19.5 degrees Celsius. This was most noticeable when the night temperature did not fall. "This pregnancy could result in a decrease of more than 3% in the last few weeks," said Professor Dries Martens, a research contributor. - It is not necessarily true that children who were expecting more hot days are less healthy. Telomeres can be influenced by other factors such as air pollution, smoking or lifestyle - explained the professor who added that global warming may lead to new health risks.(VIA)Related links: