So you can cool down your home without the hassle!

So you can cool down your home without the hassle!

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In the car, we want nothing more than a cold drink and a little chill. However, not everyone has access to air conditioning close by. Fortunately, we can make our home even more bearable!

Lower the role, put the curtain in!

Regardless of the location of the apartment, the sun is quite capable of warming the rooms, so with a simple move such as setting up, we can make our home much cooler.How can we let the apartment down?

Breathe in at night!

During the night, the air cools down, so keep your windows closed and open them again at night. Cross drafts and fans in the correct position can help to "flush" out the warm air.

Vnz + ventilator

For immediate cooling effect, place ice in a larger bowl (possibly a yacht) and place it in front of the fan so that the air flowing through it is just above the pan. In fact, with the help of ice, we can cool the air even better!

Change your lingerie!

Natural linen, for example, cotton is more practical in the warmth, lighter in breath and cooler in touch. Very sweaty people should try buckwheat or tortoise-filled cushions, because more air is able to circulate between the husks, so they do not hold so much heat and feel.

Lower your brain!

Just as a warm water bottle is very good in the cold of the winter, a well-cooled bottle can make sleeping more comfortable. It may also help to lightly dampen your bed before bed or lightly dip it in the blister.

Clever cooking!

Choose foods that do not need to be cooked for a long time, as this only involves extra heat. The summer is an ideal time for eating more salads, cold soup and fruit and, if you can, grilling several times.

Your body, not the house!

It is more important to improve your own comfort than trying to cool down your home everywhere. Drink well-groomed drinks (lots of fluids are equally important), apply cold water to your wrists, nipples, wear well-ventilated clothes, shower several times a day! (Via)You may also be interested in:
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