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That's why we love coffee

That's why we love coffee

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Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world: we drink more than two billion bucks a day, or about 26,000 servings per second.

That's why we love coffeeIn recent years, we have been collecting more popular beverages of choice for some fresh interest.

1. Regular, moderate coffee consumption has a fun effect on the heart rate system

Still, many people think that regular tea consumption puts our circulatory system at risk, and that our blood pressure will increase. Already, few well-researched researchers have speculated that this is not true, but in 2018, more publications have shown that regular consumptions of 3-5 cups a day can reduce heart rate by up to 15 percent. In fact, the positive effects have been demonstrated in the circles of those who drink with one chop every day.

2. Coffee consumption can contribute to proper fluid intake

Caffeine is known to many as having a mild diuretic effect. However, some people think that coffee consumption increases the body's water loss. However, this is only true for espresso: according to experts, 1 mg of caffeine consumed causes only 1.17 ml of water loss. Even a portion of compressed long coffee contains about 70 mg of caffeine. This adds up to a loss of about 82 ml, but with the average double amount of coffee we add 118 ml of water to our body, so the balance is positive.

3. The love of coffee is embedded in our genes

In recent years, researchers at Northtwestern University in Chicago have also proven that the effect of coffee, or caffeine, differs from one person to another because of the way our genes make it. That is why there are people who have a strong heart beating and one who still lives and dies. It also means a degree of balance in the love of the stone and the quantity consumed.

4. Older children can also drink coffee

Nine of Tzz almost certainly believe that children in development should not drink coffee. However, this assumption has not been confirmed by scientific research, but according to experts, children's bodies are able to decompose caffeine to the same extent as adults. Of course, this does not mean that children can indulge in coffee, but for older people, if they are not sensitive to caffeine, a longer daily refreshment is not harmful.

+1: Caffeine makes us excited, slows down our water molecules

According to a study published in February, caffeine has been shown to slow down the passage of water molecules. That is, it also stimulates the living organism, but rather dampens simple molecules. However, the researchers say it has no effect - a cup of coffee can affect just one million water molecules - but it can be extremely important for gels and emulsions, which are often used in healing or cosmetic purposes. these things are happening. Students of the Chocolate, Coffe, and Tea Maker Faculty of the Faculty of Food Science at St. Stephen's University have done more research on coffee in recent years dr. Themes БgostonThe kйpzйs one felelхse szбmol on. "Hallgatуink kutatбsai may open a New Account paths of kбvйtermйkek fejlesztйsйben vizsgбltak a tйmбkat than kбvйcseresznye paste Possible йlelmiszeripari hasznosнtбsa the liofilizбlбs eredmйnyekйnt keletkezх szбrнtmбny йs kondenzvнz felhasznбlбsi lehetхsйgei or vнz pH jбnak hatбsa the Since kбvй minхsйgйre termйkfejlesztйs only be successful megfelelх marketingmunkбval, such tцbb tйmбjъ vizsgбlatot kьlцnнtettьnk vйgeztьnk.Az is a non reprezentatнv, бm tцbb as hatszбz fхre kiterjedх kutatбsunk eredmйnyekйnt nйgy vбsбrlуi tнpust it. "the kнvбncsiak" (31%) of jellemzхen vбsбrlбs meanwhile, they decide before the shelves, they do not have any favorite requests, but they are willing to try new ones.parents, they search for variety, they read the mark they want, and they try to get as many as they want, but they try to get some stone is the same, buy the bargain or the cheapest brands. It is important that the products are easily accessible, they do not discriminate between brands, they are not interested in new products, they are almost completely interested in information. Research into detailed understanding of buyer types can contribute to the successful market presence of not only larger but also smaller Hungarian companies. "Antal Emese dietitian, sociologist, the professional leader of the TЙT Platform, these facts also indicate how much of a missing person is in our diet, lifestyle. "The good example of this is that the more we learn about a food, the more we can dispel its misconceptions about it. When consumed without sugar, and possibly with sweetener and low milk or colostrum, our daily energy intake is also not significant. " in just about the same amount, he rightly chose more than a thousand people asked for health, putting them in the fourth position of the imaginary podium with 100% fruit juices, soda free water and tea.
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