Smaller or bigger age range?

Smaller or bigger age range?

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There is no gold justice in the poll, but opinions and experiences are. What were the advantages and disadvantages of small - or slightly bigger - age? As you see…


Little cork

We are two years old in cork. The reason: We designed two children and I wanted to be physically as early as possible in pregnancy, partly for health reasons. Two years of age has ended, now two and a half years and a half years old. In my opinion, two years is quite a bit of an age, almost all difficulties are present: two need to be diapered at once, and the anxiety of a bigger child is present, and he or she is just about to start the drone period. two is a bit difficult for me was, I underestimated the potential dangers. Of course, by now, the benefits are in the forefront. From then on, I feel super cool that the little one is up and talking. Now I see what it is like they play well together, double-triple, and weights don't double for a child.
(Cili, mother of two little boys)

Higher ages

Our six and a half were great when the twins came. By then he was very, very aware that the big one needed a tessu. This enormous age was good from the point of view of being lighter with the twins, but in other areas it presented many challenges. It's difficult to organize a program that is appropriate for all ages, and their rhythmsuch as having to go home to sleep on the weekend, the big one doesn't want to see priest Barba, so the little ones first come up with a story that we wouldn't want to show them.However, for practical reasons, "the two-three year olds are forced. However, the great thing is that it really matters a lot, can help, we're a lot more routine, too, and the cute little ones with the little ones.
(Rita, mother of three small children)
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