Why don't you have the pacifier

Why don't you have the pacifier

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Two-day-old Andris is slowly gaining ground. Are you sure you need nutrition?

Why don't you have the pacifier

I met Enik at an online chat forum. You fall here on dairy production, breastfeeding frequency, nutrition, sleep, pelus. It is often the case that the mammal can contact me by phone or email. In early March, I received a letter from Enik. She thought that in the previous day's advice, the doctor had given her little son a little weight gain and nutrition. Andris did gain very little, weighing 210 grams in just three weeks, but I was trying to reassure Enik because the baby hadn't lost weight and had just stopped growing. I made sure that the problem was over.
I also asked him or a thousand requests. This is an extremely important end: I can't think or suggest anything until I know what's causing the problem. In fact, it was not too difficult to find out if there was a problem, since the size and magnitude of the baby's growth varied.

Is milk enough?

If you often breastfeed on demand, have enough urine and feces in your pelvis, and if you have a length and a head volume, and if you are behaving appropriately in your age, you do not have to worry about your balance being as usual. The age of the baby is also a very important factor: growth will slow down at about a month, since we can't expect to earn as much as in the first few weeks.
It turned out that two-month-old Andris had a good night's sleep, and breastfeeded four times during the day, occasionally breastfeeding, and one breastfeeding. Enik tried to breastfeed her baby. According to him, Andris usually eats that he suckles an urn, looks at two eagles, then starts to sneeze and then falls asleep. Three years after the start of breastfeeding, Enik tried to wake up her baby boy, who, of course, would have preferred to sleep, since she had just fallen asleep. It happened that he didn't suck a bit, he almost got tired of fatigue.
Andris, having been fatigued by a hospital infant advisor, is only willing to breastfeed with her breast, without ever accepting her breast. Since the formula was not replaced, Enikh evenly gave Andris a bottle of her milk that had been milked out of a baby bottle. They use playthroughs for falling asleep, which are used even when the baby is stingy. Andris peeing four or four times a day, but only two to three a day.

The source of the trouble

THE so daily breastfeeding is very few. Andris does not fulfill his need for comfort sucking (so whenever he wants to cum) beside his mom, but with playcumin. Valуszнnыleg she would suck more often if she didn't get a pacifier, because then you could breastfeed it nicely, too. Breasted milk could be breastfeeded instead of milking. The use of buds is not conducive to milk production.


Breastfeeding experts do not recommend because it worsens the baby's breastfeeding, its use can lead to so-called cum disorder. It diminishes the effectiveness of breastfeeding, so the baby does not get enough milk, less milk is produced, can cause urethral discharge, breast inflammation. If breastfeeding is painful, it may be better to place it on the right breast rather than using the nipple. No nipple, either flat or turned, requires the use of nipples. THE experience has shown that it causes more problems than it solves. Bimbuvud is only recommended for breastfeeding advice, for therapeutic purposes, and is temporarily worthy of use - in a few exceptional cases.
Enikho asked me to visit them. The little boy just woke up when I got there. Her mother tried to place her breasts without her breasts. Andris protested vigorously. She shook her head, pushing herself away from her mother's hand. Enikı's eyes were lightened: "You see, I don't need him anymore, just that damn plastic!" He tried to reassure his little boy.
Hungry, angry babies don't have much to start with. I asked Enik to put Andris on his usual knee, with bimbo and let him relax. Andris began to breastfeed happily. After a few minutes, we tried to take off the nipple and try to make the baby so that the milk was still flowing. For Andris, this method didn't work. He strangled himself and didn't get his mother's breast. We also tried it: in the armpit hold, lying down, but by no means succeeded.
Then I checked Andris's mouth. His tongue was not lenient, he sucked his finger heavily, but soon he put his tongue in and began to push my finger out of his mouth. Just as he pushes the dummy when he doesn't have to. In this case, he made a clapping sound, the vacuum was broken. Andris obviously cumming volt!

It's hard to quit!

The most important thing now was to get Andri off her nipple and get back to her breast. To do this, Enikх needed one day not to soothe her pacifier or pacifier, but to milk and deliver the milk with a beaker, a cannula or a syringe. Always keep in mind that your baby should not starve or dry out, so that he or she should not starve his or her tummy, but the breaststroke.
On the second day, after watering your little glasses, you can offer her breast for some comfort nursing. It is especially worthwhile to try, as most babies who are not willing to breastfeed will breastfeed unless they are fully awake.
On the third day you can go back to normal breastfeeding.
It almost never takes three days to return. Andris was also very handsome. Enik water drank it from a small, small plastic cup. Even tiny babies will suck the liquid out of the glass when they are tilted slightly and the cup is just enough for the milk to touch the mouth.
By night, the little boy was very distressed, unable to fall asleep without his pacifier. Enik shook her naked, welcomed him, walked with him, sang to him. Suddenly the dairy reflex started and a little milk went into Andris's mouth. She licked it, got it on her mother's breast and started breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was painful for a few days: the wrong technique was crying out, and Andris was often "breast-feeding" her mother, sucking the nipple, or thrusting her tongue out.
De Enik he taught his baby patiently and consistently, always took her breast off if she wasn't breastfeeding well, and then they tried again. We agreed that she often breastfeeds, not looking at the urge, but watches for her little boy's signs, and always breastfeeds whenever Andris shows her willingness to breastfeed and dummies. Enik was worried only if his milk was enough. He agreed not to love Andris, but he would watch the Pelus.
If you regularly have yolk, breast milk (older than six weeks, only breast milk, good-growing baby is normal, less often, you have only 7 to 10 days) and at least 4-6 times a day, you are sure to get enough the baby. After all, only what has gone in can come out!
Two weeks later he called me happily on the phone. Breastfeeding doesn't bother and Andris weighs 480 grams in two weeks.
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