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Stuck two kids in the ovibull minus 45 degrees

Stuck two kids in the ovibull minus 45 degrees

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The two little girls wanted to surprise their parents by going home from the ovibou. It wasn't a good idea, outside it was 45 degrees.

Stuck two kids in the ovibull minus 45 degreesIn Siberia, the day the children started alone, it was minus 45 degrees. On one of the coldest days of the year, it came to mind that the ovibule would run out, get frostbites, and get cold. One of the little girls, Linya, is still in the townhouse, three of her fingers froze in the cold. Йdesanyja, Yevdokiya Kutukova The baby was in shock - reported by on the BBC. In the midst of the mother's grandfather, she informed her that Lina was home, she was coming home. In the meantime, a leash from a rider not to worry so much.Another baby is lost and found only one hell of a house, looking for shelter in a house. "Thanks to the guy, he remembered going into someone. Luckily, he has no frostbite, just very cold," Kutukova told Siberian Temes.
In kindergarten, an investigation was launched to find out whether the children could go unnoticed.