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She and Laila, two and a half years old, were given the passport and the certificate of birth almost simultaneously. Only three months had to pass to take advantage of the photo document.

We are all disappointed, including our ascendants, and the trip has stopped. In addition, my brother's mission is to bring his far-flung far and wide, and we do not miss these trips either. My son's official walks, if we can, will be solved with a little explorer. In these cases, we also live very economically, like the majority of amateur travelers. Many times we do not live in a hotel, but in our car or camp. We cook or essay what the locals do on the street for pennies.
This is the reason why our two and a half year old baby are counted as experienced travelers. Three months ago, Laila first flew in Europe, ten months later she traveled in Little Asia by car and twice in Southeastern Asia with backpacks. Tested on more than eight airlines, tested for travel comfort in a variety of cars, he encountered dozens of buses, trains and all kinds of watercraft. Thanks to him, our nomadic lifestyle has become even more meaningful.
Only in my tummy did my character grow, but I have been tirelessly visiting bookstores in Hungary and abroad to ask for the "how to travel with a child" in time. I have not found many books on this. Of course, the purpose of giving it my head is not to divert all our family travels to our Odyssey, but rather to try to give a little and easy home experience.
With an infant who is not still
If you are breastfeeding, you can protect yourself from infections and digestive complaints.
You can sleep in your stroller whenever you want.
If you are lucky, you can still visit the museum.
It can be used to make great walks in European cities and parks.
If your baby is a standard baby, stay in an apartment hotel with a kitchen. They usually cost nothing more than a plain hotel, we just have to make breakfast ourselves.
For heavy trekking, use baby cloths, and you can suckle on it while walking.
All of this sounds simple, but how do you get to the nicer places that can be up to thousands of kilometers away from home? Here are two options:
Let us have a glass of tap water if we need to wash our baby or hand.
We can boost baby-friendly toys that the little one can play with.
The best way to do it is singing and saying.
In your baby's handbag, you can put on the lingerie, the things you need to put on your diaper, and you can attach a figure to your headboard (in Brendon baby clothes) in a variety of colors.
The pressure drop that occurs when the aircraft is dismantled can cause tension in the head if you do not perform pressure equalization. Babies can automatically equalize during lactation, so when the end of the runway reaches the end of the machine, you should start breast-feeding immediately. The same applies to landing. If you get it done too soon, the picur can immediately deny breastfeeding and cause you to relieve or expel. The use of nasal drops (seawater solution or homeopathic nasal drops) may also help with pressure balancing. When inserting plastic cups on two sides, reduce pressure.
At the check-in counter, let us know that we have a stroller that we would just like to give at the airport. On the stairs of the machine, we are looking for a uniform who will take action. They also need to bring the stroller on the plane when they arrive.
Toddlers enjoy the conversation first.
If possible, clean the little one before you talk, as the toilet is tight in the machine.
We can ask the flames to take care of the little one while we go to the toilet.
We'll give you a small seat belt for late release, which we can insert into ours. This will be the baby's belt. So we can keep it in our lives.
Airfields and aircraft are always air-conditioned, so you can easily cook the little one. Make sure your clothing is layered and loose, with no tightness anywhere. Be careful not to sweat!
One of my suggestions is the folding, heavy but stable Hauck.
The other is a traveling doll of miniature dolls, the Samsonite, which was recommended especially for a warm climate. A small, tufted-up, lightweight, mosquito-borne structure should be placed on the floor.
The parent is also a man
The secret to a successful trip is to try to act like we are at home. Entertain yourself in our hotel room, visit the playgrounds in your area, or even join the local buzz. If we spend it, we will spend a whole day with sweet nonsense, even if we are in the heart of an exciting city, with plenty to do!
From Christmas to Christmas
He will note many things from what we tell him.
Ideal for camping or renting a bungalow on the beach.
You can taste the local specialties.
Other travelers or locals would love to have fun on an hour.
You will discover all the dangerous things in your room.
City visits require organizers already.
Maybe you will grab it, prepare for it (rings, homeopathic berry, flame retardant, patience).
We will always need your travel. Let's find out if there is a baby in your hotel!
Find the rhythm of your child. It might be worth getting out of bed at dawn and starting with it right away. We have a good chance of snoozing until 11 am. We can drive it for six or so weeks!
Let us have a sealable plastic box with your toys and a playable floor cover!
He'll be having fun with the cabin.
Take off your shoes and put on a pair of rubber socks for the fly.
With little tips and room cleaners
We can go to the playground, the zoo and the swimming pools.
It's big enough to show her even exotic landscapes.
In no time you will learn a couple of local languages.
He can play with the kids in the area.
Your schedule is almost the same as ours, so it's simple to support.
You will enjoy a variety of transport equipment.
It is worth setting up a small photo album on the back of your home, it will comfort you if you are in a bad mood.
We probably won't need a trip.
We can run afterwards to avoid losing.
We can only go with her to a kid-friendly dining room, where she can tolerate small children.
You can put a magnetic drawing board in your hand.
We can have fun with little kids and little figures.
From school to age, you come to him! It is a bad feeling that we have to pay the full price of the ticket or we can count on only a small discount.
Pressure equalization has to be done using decoy techniques. It also works when you make your mouth go big or when you drink.
Next to the window is the children's favorite place.
Let's show her the fly washbasin!
Whenever possible, distract if distracted!
Traveling by train
You are not in an easy position to travel with a small child on a train. The small wheelchair is difficult to book in the car, and we have to take care of our passengers on the train, not to mention that everything is extremely dirty. Without more preparation, you can imagine no more than a monotonous trip. Although it is more expensive, try to travel by Intercity or at least first class. Before you start, check with the guide to see if there is a reserved car for small children, this is the first car after the locomotive with most of the equipment. If possible, plan a trip to your baby's usual sleep, so at least stay calm for a while. Of course, the opposite is true if the little one can only fall asleep in his or her own bed. You should get your ticket in advance, do not leave it for the quarter before travel. Prepare all the essentials you need: food, drink, clothes, toys, for backpacks or water sports. In addition to the usual food, we can now exceptionally give you a little toast, but not chocolate or candy. A sweet drink will only increase your thirst, bring water, and fruit juice with us. Let's face it, it might get too hot on the train, put on a little coat, but you might need a cold, drafty cat, a cat or a cardigan. For diapers, for nausea, nylon bags, wipes, small wet and dry towels, a little glass of water. It is advisable to take off the footwear of the small child, it is inevitable that the excitement of the excitement in our lives should not strain your own or our passengers' clothes. We can remember the time with picture book browsing, fingering, riding, and saying. If you are hesitant, stand up and walk down the hallway and look out the window.
It is also comfortable in between
The long drive can be made more comfortable with a number of useful equipment. The numbness of a child's foot can be prevented by starting with a foot pad that hangs from the bottom of the child's head and supports the foot in a horizontal position. You can make it in the shape of a homemade, strong weave, live in color. So, sew the elastic band around the heel to attach it to the front and back of the baby. Practical for a pocket toy that hangs on the back of your first seat: lots of stuff, stuff, toys, towels inside, and always on hand. Some children have a playbook that is just perfect for scribbling, autologating, and carding. Put on terry towel covers, so the little cuckoo sweats less. Sun protection is also essential. From the side or the back, we shield the head of the small child with black markers glued to the window. Keep the cabin light and clean, as a well-functioning cool baby can sleep in the summer clothes. Make sure to check the direction of the air flowing from the entrances so that the body does not directly enter the cold. If your head is not large enough, support the small head with a neckband.