Successful stem cell implantation

Successful stem cell implantation

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The life of a 2-year-old leukemia baby can be saved by a genealogist who was taken from his brother.

New technology leads to tangible success! (Illustrated by us)

For the first time, life was saved in Hungary with the introduction of stem cells stored in a private stem cell bank. The two-year-old baby fell in Miskolc in September for a successful intervention. The implanted stem cell, which was stored and prepared for transplantation at the Krio Institute, was derived from a cousin of a sick baby brother.
In December 2009, the baby was diagnosed with leukemia. Thereafter, treatment started several times and interrupted for more than half a year due to serious infections, but did not yield any results. At the same time, the baby's sister's stem cells, taken from her cord blood, gave her hope for healing. The Krio Institute, the oldest and largest stem cell bank in Hungary, has been tested at a temperature of less than 190 degrees Celsius and has been tested and found to be suitable for treatment by the National Hemopoietic Cell Transplant Committee. The affected family is a Pro-Família program by Krio Institute and free storage and retrieval of stem cells.

It works

Professionally collected and stored conditions, stem cells are capable of restoring the bone marrow of sick children and of restoring new bone marrow. The transplant was performed on September 29, 2010, after complete removal of the patient's bone marrow. Stem cells contain healthy cells in the patient's body - bone marrow and through this blood - that do not have malignant lesions, so these cells give rise to a potential for healing. Two weeks after the operation, new, healthy cells appeared in the blood, making it possible for the baby to heal, based on the advice of a baby doctor.
Currently, in Hungary, it is primarily used to cure stem cells for people with cancer of the cancer of the carcinoma. Although several successful domestic implantation history have been used in the past years, the Children's Oncologic and Bone Marrow Transplantation Department of Miskolc used firstly a private cell in Hungary.