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10 Questions About Stem Cells

10 Questions About Stem Cells

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This is a shared theme for storing the costume cord. Many would consider it superfluous, others would not live with a conscience if they missed the opportunity. Let's take a closer look at some handy questions!

Stem cell juice is one of the questions
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What is a Stem Cell?

An unrelated cell that is capable of creating different cell types in its division.

What are you gonna do to freeze it when it is collected?

Stem cells can be used in the treatment of minor immunodeficiency disorders, metabolic disorders and malignancies.

Who collects the genealogy?

You don't need an expert to collect, your nurse or your GP will use the kit.

When is the Genetic Collector Collected?

Immediately after the baby is born. Blood in the cord and in the cake is collected in a container containing blood coagulation.

Is there a pain in the letter cord?

No, neither the child nor the mother feels anything.

How many genealogists should be stored?

To be useful, at least 40 ml of blood is needed.

What happens when the baby is born on the weekend?

There is always a staff working at the institution processing the blood cord, so the delivery and processing of the sample is always stopped in time.

Can they swap patterns?

Multiple-fault system protects samples, so they are safe.

What happens if the genealogist is unsuccessful?

Then you don't have to pay the whole amount, just the price of the collection. You will get more detailed answers from our movie!