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So save your friendship after birth!

So save your friendship after birth!

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After the baby is born, many expectant mothers find that formerly close friendships become loose. What should we pay attention to, what should we be open to, what do we understand in ourselves and in friends so that this period does not mean the end of friendship?

Try to save the friendship!"I was 32 when my first baby boy was born. I used to meet my friends several times a week, and that didn't change my family. But having a small one didn't make much sense to me. I focused on the sleep that came and then the visits of others became less frequent, "says Anikou, who has been a mother of two since then. She says that at first, It would have been just fine because the kid was asleep, the grandmother had laid, her husband was home. "Over time, I realized that a part is in a completely different life situation than I and I can't expect to put everything in my schedule.I knew that as much as I was able to do in the first few months, I also needed to be more flexible "- telling me about the experience, noting that, after a few years, mixed with remorse and reproach. "We have all realized that things, like us, change and much more awareness, intent, and planning to get things done the way we want"says Anikou about how the second child arrived to make this period smooth in terms of friendships. What can be done to get it done the first time around?

Let's get up!

Talk to your friends right before the baby arrives to ensure that there will be months when the previous schedule is virtually non-existent. As soon as the timing of the mother and baby is set, it will be much easier. You can also talk to the gamer, on the go or on the phone. And yes, the mom is mostly mindful of the baby, but in the long run, it will be a child-free night when it will be cozy to recollect the early nights before dawn.

Let's be open!

From the doctor, from the playground, from walking around, we will surely meet other pregnant women who they are in the same life situation, as we. You may not all be the best of friends, but pleasant knowledge can add to that, as well as your interest and daily experience, so many things we do not have with friends who are not friends. We can get good advice, and we can tell other moms useful things too.

Let's pay attention to ourselves

Of course, with the birth of the baby, the little one is the center of attention, but over time we should start paying attention to our own needs as well. Everyone needs to move a little, even if for a short time, but he or she is focused like a child. It is charged and with more patience and energy we can observe the baby.

Don't weep

If you feel that way, a good old friend doesn't care as much as he used to, even though we miss his company, let's call him. Tell her, calmly, that she misses making us happy. Our friends are because we can talk to us and because we are attentive to us, so if we are not afraid to talk about our desires, we need to be tired of this time formбlуdjon.They may also be interested in maternity: