Mom and her girl are getting old now

Mom and her girl are getting old now

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Conditions, comfort, and the selection of baby items have changed a great deal over the past forty years. Juli's two say: balancing motherhood, family, and work hasn't been easy for forty years, and it's still a challenge!

Photo: Olga Fbbiбn
Three generations: Two Juli and the little Hanna Zhufi

Julianna Lászlún Fehér (68) financial manager, now resting
Children: Juli (42), Laci (41), Judit (30)
The girl
Fehйr Juli (42) chef reference
Herald: Károly Juhássz (43) sincerity, artistic director
Children: Eszter Sбra (13), Tamбs Mбtй (9), Hanna Zsufia (9 hrs)
Preparing for birth
Grandma: I was not afraid of the baby because we were both brothers and sisters and we were all born at home, the same Babylon I had born in the nursing home.
Her girlfriend: I was very prepared for it and listened to everything my doctor I trust. Even so, I could have a natural baby son born naturally, which I really appreciate.
At home with the baby
Grandma: We lived in Szeghalom then and now. I worked as an accountant, and since I had to take a week off from my total maternity leave for ten weeks before I was born, Juli was only home for six weeks, after which she was in wickedness. It was somehow natural then, and everyone did it in my knowledge. The caregivers were very good, and the kids could be out in the fresh air all day, only to not sleep outside when the temperature was well below zero. And Juli was a balanced baby, never sick. At the time, the work was still six days apart, so it was only Sunday that the family could be together.
Her girlfriend: Originally I was born, I quit this job after my second child, mainly because I didn't want us to break apart. Even so, kids were more important to me. I still do casual activities, synchronous work. With Hanna Zhufi, I will be home almost until the age of two, but unfortunately she goes to wisdom. It seemed to me that they had called me back to my workplace, where I worked as a cheese reporter, because it was very fast, it was a job for me. It is also true that forty-two to forty-three years of age, with such a family, money has counted. Poor sense of financial service. At the same time, it caused me to say yes, and for the time being I have no idea how to solve my nine to ten ounces of daily living, to do my homework, and to have time for my children. It's going to be difficult to organize our lives, but luckily I can count on my brother.

Family archive: Juli and her little boy

Authentic information source
Grandma: I went with the children to the Green Cross Worship Service and the worshipers came out weekly, in the evening hours, because I worked all day. Baby Book, no such magazine.
Her girlfriend: I listen to our pediatrician in everything, and I can call him day and night if there is a problem. Sometimes I read Pregnant Mummy, the first child I had a Spock Baby Care, a parenting book.
Grandma: Juli exclusively breastfeeded for six months, after six weeks I went to her ward to breastfeed twice a day. There was no problem with that, it was so nice to spill over to the feeders, and my workplace was close to my ward. I weaned Juli nine months later, and until now I was milking a milk brother. Since we didn't have a cold, they came in the morning and evening to get the other little one fresh.
Her girlfriend: I exclusively breastfeeded each of my children for six months, and Sarra was breastfeeding for one year, my son for another year.
Baby care, diapers
Grandma: Every night I washed my diapers by hand with sparingly heated water, which occasionally took over. There was no water in our house at that time. And once a week I cooked it in a soapy wash and rinsed all the diapers. Today the pussy was completely out of fashion, but Juli was there all day until six months ago. Just as today's toddler clothing selections are stunning! At that time, almost nothing could be obtained, and I sewed a garment to Juli that did not spit out her waist.
Her girlfriend: I use a disposable diaper. Three kids, two grown-ups - it takes a long time to do the housework, cooking, now that I'm home, I have a whole day to do. I can't even imagine how my mother would cope with the conditions of that time. Many times I remember what everything is now, there is a washing machine, a car, a well-equipped kitchen, even though we feel heavy and struggling, and in our own way, just as old as it is!
Who helped you?
Grandma: Both of our parents helped me out when it came to taking care of the children, for example, because they could not go to ward because of illness. With all the other chores I cooked, I did well, I didn't feel stressed.
Her girlfriend: My mother comes to us immediately, if need be, in one word. My mothers live in another house of the house, they are happy to help if I ask.
The role of the father
Grandma: My husband sometimes bathed the children, and besides his job, he was responsible for the care and maintenance of the animals.
Her girlfriend: Kari is now less involved in baby-related activities than the first two, but kids always love to have fun with them, as if I were with them.

Everyone had the same stroller

Grandma: At that time, there were no feeding chairs or other baby equipment, but we bought a stroller, which is very cheap compared to what I find today. True, you could get one in all, at most you could only choose the low color running on the page, for everyone.
Her girlfriend: So far, we've always had a cheap baby carriage, and now we buy first the cheapest we've found. In addition, Hanna Zhuffi also has a feeding chair, room swing, and play chair.
Sleep habits
Grandma: The kids slept in our bedroom, but in a crib.
Her girlfriend: While little Hanna Zhufi was sleeping with us in the bedroom, we're going to lay her down in her own room right now.