Start-up support: to whom, when, how, under what conditions?

Start-up support: to whom, when, how, under what conditions?

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After the baby's birth, we can call for so-called birth support (or start-up support) from the local government. This one-time support amount is different per installation and does not apply to everyone.

After the birth of the baby, contact the local government competent for the place where you live with the name of the childbirth or another We may request start-up support - if there is a framework for that locality, so not all municipalities provide birth support.If we live locally where there is birth support, we need to make a request but it is automatically supported, but is decided on the basis of the request and the attached documents.

Birth support available from most governments after your baby is born

To the claim, which is usually the You can also download them from the government websites, you must attach more than one document, but it is worth inquiring with your local authority about what your local authority and district are asking for. , but there is also a place where, besides the form, you only ask for a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of the Start-Account Contract opened on your child's name (refer to the latter amount later). There are also municipalities where more than one is asking for a certificate of income from a family, but also a certificate from a family member for a passport. йletvitelszerыen at least by the local government for a limited time (it is mostly one or two years old) before the child is born. There are цnkormбnyzatok to formulate egyйb feltйteleket well (pйldбul the jцvedelemviszonyokra vonatkozуan), and tбmogatбs цsszege not egysйges the kьlцnbцzх telepьlйseken - because of that kйpviselхtestьlet hatбrozza this, taking vйve nyъjthatjбk material lehetхsйgeit.Бltalбban the цnkormбnyzat szemйlyesen or postбn the szьlхk the цnkormбnyzatok in his designated office. It is also worth noting, however, that the respective municipalities mark the number of days submission deadline: there is a settlement where we have 60 days to follow the birth of a child, while we have found a local government where we have to go within 180 days, so this is also different in the local government. Local governments generally have 21 days to consider this. The amount of one-time and one-off support (so not everyone is eligible) is per installation, per district, and so on. Usually there is a sum of around 10,000 forints, but there are municipalities where a family with tens of thousands of forints can receive birth support after the baby arrives.
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