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Avoid the dangers of Christmas!

Avoid the dangers of Christmas!

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During the next two weeks, more than usual accidents may occur. You can avoid these by following the tips below!

Tüske and tыz

When buying or transporting fir, pay attention to the sharp spines, the pointed, sharp branches that can cover the skin. If a wound occurs, disinfect thoroughly as pine is often contaminated with soil, which can cause infection. Carving Christmas tree ends into the soles can be a source of danger: watch out for sharp tools. If someone is to get worse, they may also need medical attention: visit the nearest accident ambulance, as tetanus vaccination is required without the need for infestation. If severe arthritic bleeding occurs, immediate pressure should be applied and the rescues should be reported at the same time.
Christmas candles left on Christmas trees can cause fire, as can improper, short circuited candles and star filters. Never leave a baby near the Christmas tree without supervision!
Occasionally, an electric shock may occur due to poor insulation of the Christmas tree bulb supply. Always seek medical attention in the event of a stroke, even if you have no serious complaints!

Slippery roads

During this period, motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents (foot injuries and falls) are more common. It is very common to have headaches and thighs or pinches in the elderly. In all such cases, report the rescue. When someone is involved in an accident, a major source of danger is the loss of life, which does not require freezing temperatures. If someone is unfortunate enough to have an accident and lost his way through the accident, he may even die before a few people are killed. Okay, if the older ones aren't going alone, if you have, let's have a cell phone.

Don't rush in the kitchen!

During the cooking period, one must not forget to observe the basic kitchen hygiene rules in order to avoid diarrhea and vomiting. It is important that the various food raw materials are properly stored and separated (fish, dairy products, greenery) and that they are thoroughly and thoroughly processed during the work process. If you have not been properly monitored for hygiene and have diarrhea, you should seek advice (even by telephone) from your home doctor. Some scans result in significant fluid loss and flushing. This healthy person is also a problem, and children and the elderly are at increased risk!

Watch out for the dangers of Christmas!

In the kitchen, rashes, hot feet and baking can be an accident in the kitchen: chill small bruises under cold running water, never smear anything on the wound! If your brain is extensive or deep, you will need medical attention.
There are many foods on the festive table that are a potential source of danger, such as white fish. If large bream or bone remains in the fish as it is consumed, it can get stuck in more places. It is better to rely on a better specialist.

New Year's there!

Fireworks are the biggest source of danger during New Year's Eve. A rapidly exploding pyrotechnic device can cause significant hand, arm, and eye injuries! The flying plug of champagne glass can also cause physical bruising and eyestrain - only sparkle the sparkling wine so that you do not target it with a person or a chill.
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