New in Baby Cosmetics! (X)

New in Baby Cosmetics! (X)

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In the meantime, baby cosmetics have been added to two cool skin poles.

Schьssler Natural Baby Bath and Schüssler Natural Popcorn are certified natural ingredients that contain no synthetic ingredients and provide maximum protection for the skin.

Baby bath tub with organic lavender

The arrival of a baby is a terrific event, but it can cause some puzzling parents, too, when, how often, and when to bathe their baby. In addition, an important part of the agenda of the little ones is bathing at about the same time. With Schüssler's natural baby bath you can easily spank your spanking without having to worry about the effects of harmful substances. Schьssler baby baths are rich in valuable ingredients such as natural acacia and hibiscus extract, peach seeds, jojoba, argentine, couscous and avocado oils. Foam is made from a skin-friendly, organic couscous-derived ingredient, and is also free from synthetic SLS. It has been combined with Schüssler's Jelly with the No. 8 Jelly, which promotes skin hydration. The creamy, relaxing scent of lavender will quickly be your favorite pet!

Popcorn cream

Babies are very happy when they don't have diapers on them and the skin breathes freely. If you want to nurture your baby's skin with natural ingredients between two pelas, choose the Schüssler natural pop hat! The Schüssler popsicle straps also contain Schüssler-type heat, which can alleviate any redness and mild diaper symptoms. It also contains high-quality jojoba, avocado, couscous and lavender oils, organic shea butter and honeydew extracts, all of which provide maximum protection even in high-moisture skin.