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In the common language, "abortion" is synonymous with abortion, but perhaps abortion is an early abortion. Unfortunately, most women lack knowledge of the legal conditions and medical consequences of abortion.


Basic medical concepts

An early abortion of a pregnancy is called abortion or miscarriage if the fetus does not come to life. According to its origins, we talk about spontaneous abortion (when the abortion is the result of some disease, abnormality), illegal abortion (this is a prohibited fetus) and legal abortion (abortion).
Termination of pregnancy is the subject of intense social debate in many countries. We do not want to make a statement in a religious, ethical request. According to a well-known Hungarian doctor, "unwanted pregnancy is bad, abortion is worse, prohibition of abortion is a disaster".

In what cases can a miscarriage be performed?

The Fetal Life was Protected by LXXIX, 1992. The law defines the conditions for termination of pregnancy.
5.§ Pregnancy may only be terminated under the conditions set out in this law in the event of danger.
  1. Pregnancy can be aborted up to 12 weeks if
    1. it is justified by the serious threat to women's health;
    2. the fetus is suffering medically serious disability or other disorder;
    3. the consequence of the crime of pregnancy, and
    4. in the serious situation of the pregnant woman.
  2. The pregnancy may be terminated by the 18th week in the case of the conditions set out in paragraph 1 if the pregnant woman
    1. restricted or incapacitated;
    2. she has not been recognized for a pregnancy due to reasons not attributable to her / her health or medical malpractice, or has failed to comply with her / her period of pregnancy due to a health care institution or any failure to act.
  3. Pregnancy can be aborted by week 20 - by week 24 if the diagnostic procedure is delayed - if the genetic fetal risk of the fetus reaches 50%.
  4. Pregnancy can be interrupted indefinitely
    1. for the health of women who are in a state of death, or
    2. in the case of a fetus that is incompatible with the postnatal life.
  1. Termination of pregnancy, if not for health reasons, may be performed on the basis of a written request from the pregnant woman.
  2. The termination of pregnancy may also be requested by a non-Hungarian citizen who has a valid residence permit in Hungary, except for the persons defined in Article 3 (1).

The Family Service offers help

  1. An application for termination of pregnancy by a pregnant woman shall be submitted personally by a member of the Family Service (hereafter referred to as "a staff member"), after the pregnancy has been confirmed.
  2. The statement of the person with limited legal capacity to validate the statement of the person who is aware of the claim for termination of pregnancy is required.
  3. An application for termination of pregnancy by an incapacitated person shall be made on behalf of his or her legal representative.
  1. The staff member, following the announcement of the pregnancy termination claim, preferably in the presence of the father, shall inform and inform her of the condition and condition of the pregnant woman.
    1. the terms and conditions for termination of pregnancy;
    2. state and non-governmental, material and in-kind support in the case of a child's statement;
    3. the establishment and activities of organizations and institutions that provide moral and financial support for the child;
    4. the possibility and conditions of admission;
    5. about the conditions, pregnancy, dangers and possible consequences of a miscarriage;
    6. health care interruptions, and
    7. methods of birth control that are specifically recommended to the person conceiving.
  2. Following the briefing, the worker will issue a postcard for this purpose, signed by the applicant (possibly also the father), and will also indicate the risk of termination of pregnancy.
  3. The coworker will promptly send a copy of the signed form to the health authority of your choice.
  4. People who work in the middle of a job are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

Medical rules for termination of pregnancy

  1. The woman with the card will apply to the chosen health institution without delay, but within 8 days at the latest.
  2. The intervention may not take place within 3 days of the date of issue of the form.
  3. The request of the deceased woman is confirmed on the day of the intervention by signing it.
  4. If the eligible woman does not report within 8 days, the health authority will report the work to the form by returning the form.
  5. If the physician of the institution conducting the intervention determines that the pregnancy has exceeded the time specified in this Act, or if the intervention of the intervention seriously endangers the health of the woman. In this case, the qualified woman may request a peer review. The potential of the examination and the organs performing it should be reported to the woman.
  6. The circle of persons eligible for the technical examination is regulated by a decree of the Minister of Neapolitan.
  7. Interventions approved during the review procedure should be performed by the health authority conducting the review.
  1. If the бllapotos nх beavatkozбs megtagadбsбtуl szбmнtott 10 days belьl professional felьlvizsgбlaton does not appear, or felьlvizsgбlati eljбrбs sorбn the beavatkozбst vйglegesen megtagadjбk, professional felьlvizsgбlatot vйgzх the kйrхlap mбsolatбt visszakьldi the munkatбrsnak who haladйktalanul йrtesнti illetйkes according to kйrelmezх lakуhelye vйdхnхt.
  2. That woman who was a woman
    1. whose pregnancy has been definitively denied by the health authority, or
    2. Anyone who has not appeared in a peer review should be treated as a vulnerable pregnant woman.
  1. The well-established health reason for terminating the pregnancy is determined by the unanimous opinion of two competent medical practitioners.
  2. There are one or two other departments of the Department of Birth and Females of the Genetic Counseling Center, the Prenatal Diagnostic Center, and the professionally competent national institute.
  3. In the event of a disqualification, the persons entitled to the necessary professional examination are regulated by a decree of the Minister of Neapolitan.
  4. The health reasons set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall be established on the basis of the methodology of a national specialist college or college.
  5. If the pregnancy is a criminal offense, the offense or its serious suspicion shall be certified by a certificate issued by the prosecution.
  6. A serious state of affairs is one that causes physical or psychological deterioration or social impediment, and thus jeopardizes the health of the fetus. The condition of a serious state of affairs is confirmed by the pregnant woman by signing the form.

Illegal abortion

Unless abortion is governed by law, abortion shall be deemed to be illegal. Intervention is a crime that is particularly severe when the mother has lost her health or is losing her life. We receive a number of letters asking us how to obtain an abortion pill. Related to this, it is well known that RU486 (mifepristone) is effective in induction of abortion.
It is a bad news that mifepristone, sulprostone, prostaglandin F2alfa and many other abortions do not make uterine scraping unnecessary, only replacing the canal with a 1-2 day fast. In addition, it is important to have any method of abortion, using it exclusively in the LXXIX. may vary according to the letter of the law.
There is no cure or procedure that would render hospital care unnecessary or procedure free from the obligations of the said law. Anyone who obtains and takes "black" mifepriston will carry out an abortions that are prohibited by law.
In Hungary, an abortion pill is not available, unlike other European countries (eg Austria), despite the WHO's preference for using the tablet. A couple of years ago, abortion tourism has begun, and in the neighboring country, abortion is the most abortive pill, though not cheap: approx. It costs 140 thousand HUF.
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