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Move together!

Move together!

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Not only does moving together lose the mother-child relationship, but it can also develop your baby while you have a great time - together.

If you are just worried about how your little one will fit into your wisdom or school, but don't know how to make it easier, you should definitely visit a playful developer kid! Bernabt Ottilia, the Maya Fitness and Exercise Wheelchair Trainer, gathered together what the smallest and the biggest can gain by exercising.


As early as a tiny couple of months old, you can try the Wheeled Workshops, where you can simply strengthen your relationships with just a few days. Here, the intimate combination is the emphasis on tightening your emotional ties with babies living in the wild, including caressing, twirling, spinning, and throwing air. It also has a wealth of everyday exercise options, so you can try walking and rocking games. One of the great advantages of his voice is that all kinds of songs, lyrics, flutes and different types of rhythmic instruments are used to improve the rhythm and speech of the little ones.

Move together!

Wheeled puppy gymnastics

If your little one explores the world on sure feet, then the real moving tasks can come. Also between the ages of three you can move together with your eyes light and to make your lover even more fun, you can try many new tools. Which child's imagination should not be triggered immediately by the large parachute, the volley, the slide, the ratchet, the benches, the balancer and the iris balls? The songs and sayings are here again to reinforce the monotony of "I know it already". The real star of the class is Wheel Manu, a puppy character who has been trying to process everyday events and situations in the life of children.

Minitower is a movement aid

In the wandering-school age, those playful exercisesthat help children to develop, but the tone continues to be on the uninitiated, the unlucky. You can try out the ring, the bean jacket, the gym pole, the rope, the bench, the small and the big ball. This puts children in a situation they rarely experience at home and gives moms an idea about expanding the playground at home. THE group уrбk they provide an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and give the little ones a real sense of community, so they can fit into their kindergarten group more easily.