Immunization of the child

Immunization of the child

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The first year spent in the community is compounded by a number of consecutive illnesses. However, as a result of the illnesses that are on display, the child's defensive system is being strengthened, which gradually grows over the years.

Exercise cold and warm

He learned a bit about defending against the morbidities he had encountered, so after the first year of sickness, will become less sensitive. However, we can count on lightweights every year.
  • Our child's ability to resist is correct We can also influence the transition. It is important to consume not only vitamin, fresh fruits and vegetables, oilseeds, whole grains.
  • We should also make sure that less sugar is wasted in family life and drinks. Sugar makes it difficult to absorb important nutrients and significantly reduces the activity of village cells. In other words, eating sugar and consuming sweets can make our system very difficult.
  • The diseases we can't escape itif you keep your baby in a heated room all day long in bad weather. On the contrary, it is the person who is not used to weather conditions who is most comfortable with cooking. In rainy and cold weather, you should move at least one hour outdoors each day. After the warm room, the results collapse in the cold and then re-emerge in the heat. If the body does this well, it will respond correctly to the cold, and there will be no chance of a cold. It is better to go out twice a day than once to cool down too much.
  • The sauna achieves a similar effect, so if you can do it and your child will love it, we will live at least once a week with this great immune boost.
  • Cold-hot alternating showers, powerful body rubbing also energizes the circulatory system. After a warm shower, we let the limbs water for 18 to 20 degrees Celsius for six to eight seconds, and then put on a warm cotton wool socks.
  • Room is essential frequent ventilationto protect the nasal passages. Heated indoor air, frequent nasal drip, nasal discharge will clear the nasal passages, making it less resistant to goiters. Discomfort can be effectively prevented by applying a physiological saline to the nose in the morning and evening in a pharmacy.

With regular washing, most infections can be prevented

Vitamin Enhancers

The variety of multivitamin supplements in drugstores and shops wants to convince us that we need to take these things along with our normal daily diet if we are to stay healthy. Fortunately, this is only the case in exceptional cases.If a child rejects all herbs and fruits within a few months, she is unilaterally (almost only one or two of the patients are willing to consume, or want to consume). In such extreme cases, it may be advisable to supplement your diet, otherwise try to cover your diet with vitamins and supplements. If we count these "hidden" vitamins and minerals, we would surely be surprised. Overdosing is also a daily problem in our society in July. More than 17 milligrams a day can cause iron digestion problems, too much Vitamin C can cause diarrhea and stomach ache. The unused amount of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) is stored in our body, which can lead to poisoning. regularly. If you do not like greens at all, add potatoes, cereals and dairy products every day. Note that freshly picked and raw greens and fruits have a higher vitamin content. Needless to say sucking candy canes the multivitamin tablets!

Don't scare the born!

If we protect the baby from the birth, we will hold the hand steadily, and we will make it even more precarious, impudent, and we want to make every little rain. Mostly mothers are prone to far-flung behaviors, and the father will become more active in chatty games. The elders' favorite is wild chasing, running, lesbian attack. It makes me a little excited! The hunt can come! - yell at the kids as they enter the room "unsuspectingly". Dad suddenly strikes you down, grandsons and catches the one closest to you. When the baby is out, Dad is just looking and searching for a while, but when he comes up, he is thoroughly stunned and, sometimes, thrown into the air. The little one rises up, smudges it, tries to fall over the closed eyelids, and finally sits there somewhere on the dad's stomach. After a few seconds of tranquility, an earthquake begins, and the little giraffe ducks like a sack! If you rely on two or three spiders to attack you, there may be a fight. Mild-anxious mothers are more likely to be absent from the scene and not be frustrated when suddenly bumps and wild grunts are heard. The blue-green patches are gone quickly, but the struggle between the grizzly and the grizzly ones serves the ultimate truth ...
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