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This is what you should know about insect infestation

This is what you should know about insect infestation

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Nearly 2% of the population is affected by insecticide allergy. It can occur in children and adults alike.

This is what you should know about insect infestationThe most common insect-causing insects, bees and wasps, dripping and treating, allergy screening Prof. Nykmany Kristof, a doctor at the Allergy Center in Buda.

What is an Allergic Reaction?

As a result of mumps or wasp, the "normal" reaction can be local (local), ie itching, pain, red swelling around the tip, or extensive (systemic), with a very large, Although it may seem scary, it is also a common reaction, for example, when the entire foot or foot is swollen in the event of a spike in the ankle. Common reactions can be caused not only by allergies, but also by other white blood cells, inflammation, toxins. Even when the insect is squeezed in the tongue or in the throat, a life-threatening condition can still occur, as locally developed swelling and swelling can block the airways.

What are the signs of a mild allergic reaction?

The whole body is involved in the process of systemic allergic response. In mild cases, itching, cheating and swelling of the whole body may occur, which may be more pronounced on areas of the body (eg lips) with loose tissue.

How to recognize a severe allergic reaction?

In severe cases, skin reactions are also assessed by the reaction of other organ systems - circulatory, nervous, kidney, digestive, respiratory. This can lead to rapid heartbeat, blood pressure, confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness, shock. This syndrome is called anaphylaxis; in its most severe form, the effect of a drip can be fatal. It may take a few minutes to develop, typically with a quarter to half of the time after the drop (s). It will not start on November 24. Risk factors for fatal outcome in those over the age of 60, known heart disease, multiple insect infestations, and unavailability of assistance (eg, alone).

What should we do about insects?

After the tongue, the campus is full with the blister containing the poison, from which the poison is constantly released, except for local and general reactions. It is therefore advisable to remove the sting as quickly as possible. Disinfection of the hair canal is not necessary or possible, but it is advisable to apply a cool cream around the skin and cover the wound itself. If a local swelling occurs, it is advisable to cool it down with a cold compress, which also slows down the absorption of wet materials. If the drop is on the hand, remove all rings and bracelets from the end piece! If you have major scams, you may take an antihistamine pill, but be aware that its effect is at least one hour shorter and prevent, and prevent, severe reactions!

How to deal with an allergic reaction?

If someone has a csalбnkiьtйs (s) meghaladу tьnetei (kьlцnцsen gyengesйg, fulladбs, vйrnyomбs esйs, kбbultsбg, hбnyбs, or rцvid eszmйletvesztйs) akбr one rovarcsнpйst also kцvetхen the nйlkьlцzhetetlen sьrgхssйgi ellбtбson tъl (mentхk hнvбsa jцn szуba elsхsorban) mielхbbi allergolуgiai / pulmonolуgiai / bхrgyуgyбszati ​​szakrendelйs (possibly hбziorvosi rendelйs) felkeresйse szьksйges where tovбbbi tennivalуkat megbeszйlhetik.Ezek бllhatnak -megfelelх tбjйkoztatбst йs gyakorlбst kцvetхen - allergiбs reakciу цnbelцvх adrenaline injekciу felнrбsбbуl, йs rйszletes allergolуgiai vizsgбlatbуl.A rovarcsнpйs caused by the adrenaline йletveszйly elhбrнtбsa injekciуval tцrtйnik. It can be given by the patient (with self-injection), but it is not possible afterwards to call for help or to seek medical attention, because the symptoms can be reduced for 24 hours.

Why is examination so important?

Detection of allergies can occur in the skin or blood, determining antibody types and levels. The two methods do not substitute as much as complement each other, each with its application suggestions and conditions. These can be performed first and foremost by ear, nasal, pulmonary, dermatologic, allergologic specialists.The examination is very important, because in the case of a true allergy, the patient may even have a serious risk that he / she may not. Your goal is to determine if you are suffering from a genuine allergy and if so, whether it is persistent against mumps or wasp. Anyone who is allergic to a single insect is most likely not the other. Once the allergy is confirmed, the physician, upon instruction in its use, may prescribe adrenaline injection to the patient.

Is there a lasting treatment against insect allergies?

Immunotherapy is a very effective long-term treatment for insecticide allergy. During treatment, the allergen is essentially injected under the skin in a gradual increase in dose, so that tolerance develops over time and that the insect's drop will not cause severe symptoms. However, treatment is time-consuming (usually at least three years of injection) and can be temporary, even if it has unpleasant side effects, and can only be done in designated allergy centers.

How to avoid insect infestation?

  • Let's learn to recognize it and never slay insects. We recommend regular insect control of insects, floors, basements, shaded, damp areas, drippings, other damp areas around the house;
  • Do not go naked in the grass (bees like loungers like them), be careful when working in the garden;
  • If the insect is close by, we should move away and not try to force it away. If it is applied to our skin, do not strike it on the brain, but gently brush it or wait patiently until it dissipates;
  • Most insect repellents are effective against mosquitoes, raccoons, but do not scare bees and wasps. Indication of which information must appear on the packaging. Never buy any labeled or foreign-language labeled packaging, whatever its standard and cheap!
  • Bees and wasps often fall in love with previously opened and up-to-date boxed drinks or freshly eaten meals; from here on into the mouth, it can lead to severe drops with serious consequences.
  • Avoid the use of strong fragrances (perfumes, sun creams, oils, hairspray) as they are attractive to insects. Do not wear lively color, floral, skinny and rocking clothes.
  • Keep your bedroom window closed during the day and use mosquito nets on your living room doors and windows.
  • It is not advisable to grow fruit or grapes directly in the vicinity of the house, and of course not to work with it!

  • Do not give calcium for insecticide!
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