Symptoms and treatment of lactose intolerance in children

Symptoms and treatment of lactose intolerance in children

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Lactose intolerance is dangerous because unrecognized disease can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and the growth of the child may stop.

Symptoms and treatment of lactose intolerance in children

What is lactose intolerance?

Lactose, which is the chemical name for lactose, is formed by an enzyme called lactase and from sugars, glucose and galactose, which are secreted in the small intestine. If this enzyme is deficient in the body, milk sugar cannot be converted or utilized - in this case, we are talking about lactose intolerance. The problem is very rare, but it can be primary, congenital, or secondary and adult in nature. The latter may be due to the fact that the level of lactase enzyme, which is able to break down lactose, is constantly decreasing from a young age. The activity of the enzyme begins to decline at two to three years of age, but symptoms rarely appear at the age of six.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance

In the colon, unsweetened milk sugar causes abdominal pain, bloating, bloating, spasms, slices and diarrhea. These nagyjбbуl fйl-уrбval a milk elfogyasztбsбt occur kцvetхen, йs one-day kйt utбn maradandу kцvetkezmйny nйlkьl megszыnnek, if passed idхszakban the child does not consume ismйt tejcukortartalmъ йtelt.A problйma azйrt veszйlyes because idхben unrecognized mбsodlagos laktуzintolerancia kцvetkezmйnyekйnt alultбplбltsбg And weight loss can occur, and growth in children under the age of one can even stop. That is why it is important to discover any concern very soon, because if it is stopped, then nothing can go wrong, because if intolerance is treated for an unexplained reason, a low quality of life can be absolutely normal and your health will not suffer.

Diagnosis and treatment of lactose intolerance

Detection of lactose intolerance is cumulative. The first is a physical examination where the pediatrician examines how sensitive and puffy the abdomen is. The suspicion is reinforced when the doctor listens to abdominal movements as he listens to the abdomen. This is followed by the Hydrogen Resistance Test, which provides lactose to the child and examines the hydrogen content of the exhaled air. Oral lactase supplements are also useful in eliminating the symptoms and making lactose-containing foods easy to eat.

This is how to prevent lactose intolerance

It is not really possible to prevent the development of lactose intolerance, it is a natural process.

Tips for mothers if you have lactose intolerance in your child

Children need not be banned from all dairy products, not all cause complaints to intolerant patients. For example, foods such as milk, sour cream, milk powder, milk, butter, milk, milk and dairy raw materials are explicitly forbidden, as long as cheddar and gouda can be consumed. This is because these long-matured cheeses are lactose-free. The same is true for moldy cheeses such as camembert, brie, gorgonzola and roquefort. The savanyъ tejtermйkek the joghurtfйlйk, kьlцnцsen the йlхflуrбs tejtermйkek szintйn fogyaszthatуk, as they tejsavbacilusai fermentбljбk lactose kellх hatйkonysбggal, нgy not cause tьneteket.Fontos know also that the йtrendbхl not only hagyomбnyos milk should szбmыzni, but everything must be vбsбrolni kцrьltekintхen because some foods may contain up to a significant amount of lactose. These include certain breads and pastries, cereals containing cereals, margarines that are thought to be above the level of suspicion, as they can be enhanced with medium cream, certain instant beverage powders and salads. Before you buy anything, you need to study the ingredients carefully. Of course, many manufacturers pay attention to the name of their lactose-free products: and 0.1 g / 100 cm 3. Such foods are also open to those who are sensitive to lactose. A useful tip for cooking is that there are lactose-free cream cheeses, which can be easily substituted for cream, sour cream, butter, margarine or different cheeses. it is important that your child has regular calcium supplements, a vitamin D rich diet. Because dairy products are high in riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin, folic acid, vitamin B1, white, vitamin A and B12, potassium, magnesium and zinc, they are also suitable for intake you need to pay more attention.Lecturer: dr. Vass Noémi pediatrician, pediatric gastroenterologist
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