This comes in the place of the home savings plans

This comes in the place of the home savings plans

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The role of home wraps will diminish over time as existing contracts run out. New products may enter the place.

This comes in the place of the home savings plansFor almost one day, the government eliminated government support for housing. The measure is not retroactively valid, so it does not apply to contracts that have already been concluded. However, existing contracts will run out over time, which will reduce the role of the home office. According to governmental guidelines, the state housing system could be combined with a home improvement element - hvg.hu.
New products can appear on personal loan or mortgage loans for interest rate rebates after pre-saving the future. Real estate.com analysts say there is a strong demand for these, and there is continued strong demand in the housing market and in the housing loan market. And apartments in the real estate brokerage offer were up 5-19 percent this month.
Due to the high cost of homes, there is a growing need for external financing of the buyer to buy real estate, which may further increase the role of home loans in the real estate market. Over the first nine months of the year, home loan calculations on BankRбciу.hu increased by 105 percentage points compared to last year. Erika Trencsбn, the credit rating of BankRбciу.hu told hvg.hu, there is a growing interest in predictable mortgages on fixed mortgages for several years, and the demand for consumer mortgages concluded, an increase of 18 percent. The total volume of home loans increased by 39 percent to 400 billion forints. Demand in the housing market is still significant, with the rise in the net real value of households and low interest rates on mortgage lending and personal interest rates. Banks may apply for new products.
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