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CHOKES: Parental border may change

CHOKES: Parental border may change

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Following the abolition of housing savings plans, the government wants to encourage CSOK recruitment, as illustrated by the measures taken to extend the scope of the loan amount. What other changes would banks suggest?

Banking Customers Want to Extend Support AmountsThe Money Center has been looking at what kind of change banks would consider appropriate. The number of people seeking a CSOK is likely to increase, as the $ 10 million credit facility has been extended to children with two children. The
It seems certain that the amount of interest-bearing loans will be extended to families with two children up to HUF 10 million. This loan amount is $ 15 million for three-year-olds, which will be followed by a one-off $ 10 million grant. felvehetх 3 szбzalйkos interest, up to 25 йves futamidejы, tнzmilliуs kцlcsцn valуban kedvezх, ъgy tыnik the tбmogatбs kйtgyermekesekre not napirenden.Ugyanakkor tцrtйnх kibхvнtйse egyelхre the igйnylйst йsszerыbbй, elйrhetхbbй kйne done, because the current formбjбban feltйtelrendszer bonyolult.Most leginkбbb the hбromgyerekesek get elхnyцs for construction: one-time HUF 10 million support for the purchase of a new home, used home for 2.2 million HUF. If you are talking about having children, then the deadline is eight years for a second child. Erste Bank said that the changes needed to be made at CSOK based on their experience. transformation and the concept of enlargement in many cases, it is difficult to select, although it is necessary, since it is possible to apply for CSOK for expansion, but not for upgrading. Erste mentioned the example of heat modernization: in the course of a job, the worker cannot determine whether the percentage of the worker's salary is related to the amount of space to be increased and how much. According to Erste, support should also be extended to include the renovation of the property to be expanded. MKB Bank believes that extending support to two-wheelers would be really welcome. Another component is the extension of three-child support to the two-child loyalty scheme, which will be a great help in setting up a home. CIB Bank has support amounts for further expansion szorgalmaznбk. The bank would be more likely to benefit from the discount because of rising house prices. In the Bank's own experience, further simplification of the terms and conditions and the adequacy of the terms certified for a lighter lift would also be needed.
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