What will happen to the placenta?

What will happen to the placenta?

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After the baby's birth, there is no end to it, and the pie must be born. What's better: if you get out there first, or do you expect to be born on your own?


In the morning, after my first child was born, I received a vein injection, and then felt a strong stomach. My doctor pulled the cushion out of me because of the cord, and in the meanwhile, my belly was pressed. As I moaned loudly, he commented on the incident that we would be out sooner. I would have preferred the natural way of speed, that is, if the butterfly came out by itself. I suppose there is a "little" chance for this, right? We're still planning the second baby, but it's becoming increasingly clear that I want a more natural baby in the first place. What can I count on? Is everyone down the road to the last stage?
A. Katalin, e-mail

Dr. Boros Judith Boros's Answer:

After the birth of the fetus, the next step is that in just a few minutes or so, more or less bleeding can be traced to the diarrhea, and mucous membranes of the mother. When I started my parenting career three decades ago, it was a widespread practice to be an active manager of the Leaf specialty. This meant exactly what happened to me: at that time, the mother and two ampoules received the amniotic fluid and printed the abdomen. oxytocin can have adverse maternal side effects, such as high blood pressure, strong heart rate. It is only for good medical reasons that the natural process should be accelerated, for example when a pregnant woman is bleeding heavily, but still only the usual oxytocin dose fraction is given. If there is no emergency, we will only help you a little when you have clear signs of the letter. We keep the leash loose and then ask the mother to press. The butterfly, like a soft ball, is loosely "jerking off." Being done first does not in itself spell out active intervention. It is worth clarifying how much time you allow, as the standpoints are not the same in Euro- pean countries and in Hungarian shops. Sometimes, for only seven minutes, an Irishman is considered acceptable.
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