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That's why the contamination of the baby is worth it

That's why the contamination of the baby is worth it

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Inhalation of open air in the living area can be at least as toxic to pregnant women as cigarette smoke, which can expose the baby to the increased risk of life-threatening events.

The University of Florida researched the data using the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) air pollution estimates. THE Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health results published in one issue showed that such a pollutant exposure to high levels increases high blood pressure during pregnancy.The two contaminants include two fine and coarse fine particles and include, for example, szйn monoxide And a kйn dioxide. According to EPA, the fine-grained material contains acids, dust, metals and particles. These inhalable particles are derived from industrial production and forest fires, and are created by the interchangeability of gases in the air. THE kйn dioxide mainly produced by factories and power plants, a szйn monoxide and they are primarily derived from the exhaust of engines.

If you can, avoid the city noise

"Fetal development is extremely sensitive to environmental factors" - Explained Xiaohui Xu epidemiolуgus. "That's why we wanted to do our research. High blood pressure, in particular, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, which causes a lot of problems for both the mother and the fetus."
Based on the results, researchers suggest that more effective control of airborne contamination should prevent these dangerous effects in pregnant women and infants. Although further research is needed, experts expect that exposure to airborne contamination during pregnancy may influence a woman's pattern of normal blood pressure.
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