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What is lanugo?

What is lanugo?

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Lanugo is nothing but a primary, soft, silky coat on the fetus.

Lanugo also helps the fetal adhesion

The fetus can be found all over the body with the palm and soles of the sole. This white fetal fluff begins to grow at about 12 to 14 weeks of gestation and begins to grow. by week 19, the fetus can be found all over its body. Its primary role is to help the fetal adhesion, which is very important in protecting the skin, which at the same time is a sheath, apart from being an insulating and thin process. Lanugo helps protect the body in fetal water and also controls body temperature very well.For late fetal life, at least during lanugo, most of the lanugo wears off after birth, right after birth. More babies born with cesarean section retain more fetal honey and lanugo. The lanugo takes the place of early body hair, with shaved head, eyelashes and eyes.Related articles in Fetus:
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