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Can you cook 131 forints all day?

Can you cook 131 forints all day?

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According to the latest surveys, there is a junket service that succeeds in this show. The BNTSH's recommendation also reveals what all should be included.

It is often the case that parents and children are unhappy with the quality and sometimes the quantity of meals offered at the kindergarten and school. However, for children living in poverty, this is often the only way to get hot food relatively regularly. Again and again, the debate arises about the quality of money available from the money available. Many people believe that what is healthy is also inherently stupid. This is true to some extent, of course, but according to your calculations, the price is not as large as we would expect. The topic is topical by the BNTSZ's new recommendation, which is based on the latest research results, and aims at a healthier conception that provides all the services necessary to provide education, work, children and children.
In this context, with special regard to health, social and children's institutions, quality and nutritional nutrition should be assured in accordance with physiological needs. Based on its specific research results, the National Nutrition and Nutrition Institute (OЙTI) has prepared the latest edition of the Nutrition Study.
Here you will find all publicity suggestions, such as school canteens, schools, pubs. You can also download a table that lists the daily calorie intake of the child, and the food and raw materials in grams of raw materials that are relevant to the age range. You can also count on it if you are wondering how much forint can bring in a portion of food for a kid!
The result of the checks: the children get unhealthy food! According to the results of the OЙTI examinations of the school and kindergarten on nutrition and health in 2008-2009, the majority of cases do not have any quality in the school or the school. Without the transformation of nutrition, the risk of diet-related diseases cannot be reduced. Only half of the restaurants were able to provide the fresh fruit and fruits of the day, and the food was used to prepare extraordinarily high, high-fat meats and meat dishes.
It is recommended that mild, highly spicy, or irritable mucous membranes of the mucosa should not be given to children under the age of 14 years. At the same time, you need to ensure, for example, half a liter of milk and calcium-containing dairy products in the course of an all-day meal. So much fruit, green, at least one portion in raw form. Three servings of cereal-based food, at least one of which must be wholemeal. The offer also limits the amount of oil, fat, milk, sugar and so on that can be used. It states that water, liquid water, or tea that meets the specifications can be added for liquid extraction, but not for sugary juice.
How much should I get out of?
The average nutritional standard per capita fluctuated between $ 100 and $ 770, according to a 2008 school canteen survey, while it was $ 121 and $ 610 for lunch, respectively. Based on a nationwide representative survey of OUTI's thousands of schools conducted in 2009, the daily net commodity standard varied between $ 131 and $ 555. There was no close correlation between the quality of the conclusion and the net commodity standard, as recently analyzed.
Baby Room: Need to comply?
Yes and no! The offer is not binding on the public at this time. However, it is recommended that they apply to them, as this will provide a healthier meal for children. It is noted in paragraph 18 of the recommendation that the competent county government agencies, the National Authority for Inspection, ie the controlling authority, check the recommendations at least once a year. Your use of "suggestion" suggests that you have to follow the suggestions. But what if I don't? Nowadays, nothing but the habituation of children to unhealthy food, fattening, which leads to malnutrition of quality continues. Therefore, you do not have to wonder if the overweight child is growing up.