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Not breastfeeding? Comforted!

Not breastfeeding? Comforted!

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Most sadly, we are going to endure the losses that somehow have to do with our motherhood. If you have not been able to give birth to a healthy baby, if the natural birth is done in the breast, and if breastfeeding is not done as expected.

Not breastfeeding? Comforted!

Am I a mother?

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playback Of course, we all want to be. But we are not facing the same obstacles and difficulties, neither are our children, nor are we mothers. We carry other burdens, educators, experiences with us, and we have other desires. Next, we cannot be the same mother if we are so different. It can also be a very good mother not to breastfeedbecause breastfeeding is just a factor in our children's relationship. On the other hand, if you are breastfeeding, you still don't want to be a good mother. Because being a good mother is much more than just how long and how many times I have had a baby.

Is it really better than formula?

Yes, it's really better. This is an indisputable fact, but it is nothing short of being a good mother if you are not breastfeeding. The most important question in the diet is how you approach your child. Whether you are giving love to your mouth with love, safety, or mocking your mouth, running out of power. How do you answer him if he sneezes, if he's worried when he's afraid. Are you there for many of these little worlds as single and bomb-proof centers.
Breastfeeding, which can create vital bonding between your child and you, may be prevented by breastfeeding, pain, insecurity, and distress. You don't have to breastfeed everywhere! You need to know where your boundaries are and don't try to push them to the limit!

Can everyone breastfeed?

What can you do if your hardships are given?
  1. Get help from your Breastfeeding or La Leche League Advice! They do not insist that everyone can breastfeed and will not lose their lives if you give up.
  2. Contact your shoes in similar shoes so you may find that you are not alone. Maybe you will get some tips that will help.
  3. Go to La Leche Liga baby-mom group and listen to other stories. The best place to express your sadness, your despair! Contrary to popular belief, it is not from sectarian siblings. Not to mention that if you want, you can still be a mother if you are not breastfeeding or you can't easily solve the problem.
Although many people say this, you can hear it often from people who are not breastfeeding enough or have managed to solve their own breastfeeding problem, and this leads to the conclusion that everyone should take care of everything. It seemed reassuring, but it turned out to be a worthwhile idea! BECAUSE THIS IS NOT TRUE! There are anatomical, hormonal and psychological problems that make breastfeeding impossible, there are some cases where exclusive breastfeeding will not work (because the mother can, say, only produce 200 milliliters of milk), it is often the case that the initial hardships are thwarted, your reserves are exhausted.
And lastly, we don't like to talk about it, nor do we want to make a delicious cupcake, there are also times when someone does not want to breastfeed. He has the right to
You decide, and you do not owe this to yourself. For example, in the revamped system of baby-friendly hospitals, having the right information to stop breastfeeding (or not starting) should also support breastfeeding.

Milestone for breastfeeding

Five months old baby is healthy, balanced, beautiful. My soul is fighting. Our baby was born with a tongue-in-cheek. We did a lot of breastfeeding, but it didn't go very well. So she could suckle only a little, and she got the milk from the pacifier. By the time they picked up the tongue five weeks later, it was probably poor. I fed, I told, I cried, I fed, I told, I cried, the days went together, and it was not good for you. Then she was less and less willing to suck.

Solingen Bernadett (30), Budapest
Baby: Fruzsina (5 hrs)

It was a terrific time for me and for me. I felt at the very bottom of an altar. I could not accept that we can not kittens, and even receive breast milk, but now my food must eat nutrition. I can't process your history. I was sick, anxious, and sad to this day.

As for bnnt

My situation has not helped much with the miraculousness of breastfeeding and breastfeeding, the negativity of diets, and the long list of ills. Believe it, I know they have everything but one. Why is it that nobody who overdoes and never succeeds in dealing with them? I felt like I couldn't give my baby anything that anyone else could give, so I felt I had failed one of life's most important exams.

I've run out of milk

At 35 weeks my baby was born with 3,200 grams. So I was prepared to breastfeed after birth. Then, very often, she was breastfeeded, and we learned the breastfeeding sin from babies. The first day I wasn't excited because my milk hadn't started, the second day either, but I started to get upset because the days had passed and there was no trace of milk intake. I weighed it before and after breastfeeding, the result was zero. I was told to work back home, put on a lot of breasts and everything would be fine.

Orsolya Kхvбri (35), Budapest
Kisfia: Oliver (one year old)

Nothing was okay. My little boy is tan, we hardly woke him up. The pediatrician told me not to give me formula, put it on her breast: I did, she was asleep, the milk didn't start. We had been home for almost a week, having weighed only about 2600 grams, and I was standing in the midst of an uproar when my husband and my friend all together convinced me that nothing had to happen, because he has no strength to suckle. And then we started the formula.
I tried to stimulate my breast with a head. We bought Nursing to keep our baby from eating infant formula. We didn't come in. After receiving the formula with a glass and a spoon, we switched to the baby bottle after a couple of weeks and with the force captive. Luckily she sucked in for more. My pediatrician, my niece and Magdika, the baby nurse who came to help us twice, helped me a lot.
The maximum result was 300 milliliters a day, which was forty percent of my baby's daily dose. So he was ready to eat from my breast until he was six months old, and then I only woke up until he was six months old. I feel like I have made the most out of the possibilities offered by my body, so I can't be sad or angry with myself.

As far as bugs are concerned

It has been a pain in many places to read that everyone can breastfeed. A very different breastfeeding campaign will always upset you. Because it's a bad feeling to listen that we didn't give our baby the best.
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