The 10 Most Annoying Things You Hear During Pregnancy

The 10 Most Annoying Things You Hear During Pregnancy

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"I'm sure my pregnancy hormones can do roulette (I'm 37 weeks pregnant now), but I find it shocking how crazy the art is. No, I haven't swallowed a beach ball and why are you afraid?"

Don't be mad at a pregnant woman

"Your mom hasn't taught you that it's not right to be scared of others? There are some really annoying things people say to me, some of which I get almost paid for now. then everything will change ... though, you never know! " - complains about a pregnant woman on Here are the 10 coolest things she's been told. Do you know anyone?1. Have you ever been named? God, should he have a name?2. Do you know what will happen? Well, I think a man, but of course not sure ...3. Look like you are always giving birth! Thanks for drawing me in to this public domain. And did you know that blue is the thing?4. Are you going to ask for some painkillers during your childbirth? No, but now that I'm talking to you, I need more. 5. How do you feel about yourself? I feel the same way I felt 5 minutes ago when I asked how I felt and the same way I felt 10 minutes ago when I asked how I felt. And I feel the same as I did in the morning when I went for a walk. And just so you know, I'll feel the same way in 5 minutes when you ask again.6. Are you sure there is only one baby inside? Ъristen! No, I think there's a sock in there and a little ham left over from last year's Christmas, and even a video is out there.7. Who will take care of you when you go back to work? What? Can't I take five with me?8. Are you ALWAYS pregnant? Yeah, and you're always BUNKU.9. Did you know that girls inherit their mother's appearance? If you mean that I'm not nice today, you better know you're not a big number. And don't mourn my unborn child.10. Uribi got your butt. Thanks, you know what makes a girl special!
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