Safe vaccination against chlamydia

Safe vaccination against chlamydia

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The most common cause of sexually transmitted infections, the vaccine against chlamydia, has proven to be safe in tests, the BBC website reported.

Safe Chlamydia VaccinationChlamydia bacteria spread through unprotected sexual contact. It is also called silent sickness because the infected person often has no or very mild symptoms. Chlamydia can be cured with an antibiotic, but can lead to serious effects if left untreated and compromises fertility. Although this sexually transmitted disease can be treated, it can be obtained again, so there is a need for a vaccine. Researchers at Imperial College London tested two vaccine versions and one active placebo injection with 35 women: all of these variants proved to be safe, but one was more worthwhile - researchers wanted to test the latter in the next phase of the study.The vaccine is expected to provide long-lasting protection. The results are encouraging because the vaccine has shown to elicit an immune response that can protect against chlamydia and is safe. Use the following tests to determine whether or not you are actually providing protection. Hopefully, the next series of exams will start in the next year or two, And if it's going well, we'll have a vaccine in about a year or so, explained Robin Shattock, the research leader.Related links: