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This is how you can raise an empathetic child

This is how you can raise an empathetic child

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It is most effective if the parent is a good example, as we know that words are less, deeds, so parenting patterns are decisive for the development of the child.

This is how you can raise an empathetic childWhy is it important for a child to be sympathetic? Identification with other human beings is a fundamental property of the human race. It is not a passive, but an incentive for action, for solving, for understanding, for aid. One of our most important strengths, we introduce concepts like truthfulness, honesty, love. the most important here also the Szolnok pattern. If a child sees at home that his or her parents are equal to each other, they also have a problem in other contexts, and they want to solve it, then , e.g. are you sad? how can i help you? The smaller a child is, the less able he or she is to verbalize his or her senses, simply angry but also helpless in the middle. He is not fully aware of what he is feeling or even what to do with his senses. It is a great help for the parent to categorize the child's feelings in such cases. Let's be persistent and continue asking (how can I help you?) Until the child feels better. Here, too, stories have an extraordinary role: simple stories can give rise to both problems and solutions, for example, if we can combine them with the child's own realities. help us find the cousin's, cousin's, classmate's lost game, and then we can print it out, yes, it helped. Slowly, but by itself, they believe in helping someone who is in trouble.Related articles in empathy:
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