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It's best to avoid trouble. Therefore, our list of professional ambulances lists the most common and risky situations so you never have to call 104.

One of the busiest passages in our capital, one of the busiest dunes in the summer, was dressed as a naked nappy. By little miracle, the little diaper had escaped the adventure without a single scratch, as one of the riders had noticed in time what he was preparing for. As it turned out, the baby was a child of a French family who was on holiday in our country, who, awakening from the South-South Sudanese, had quietly opened the door, kiosked, somehow came down, and then just walked out onto the street. This story is well illustrated by the fact that our children are much more adventurous and cuddly than we think, and can, in many cases, find themselves in life-threatening situations. We parents should stop this.

This is the MOK, the ambulance car in which the pediatrician takes you to the scene of a minor accident. A crowd of kids eagerly watch the most frequently seen moment in the Emergency

Eighty percent of accidents can be prevented with the proper care by experts - if a crisis occurs in the future, call for help from a specialist pediatric emergency room.
The Hungarian Children's Rescue Foundation started its operation in 2005 in Budapest. Today, in Győr and in the summer months, the ambulance car is on duty at Lake Balaton, and so is MOK. They work with children-intensive specialists in different hospitals, and their equipment is tailored to the size of the small ones. The ambulance cars are personal cars, they do not carry patient transport, their task is to stabilize the condition of the children. In the event of an alert, the OMSZ (National Ambulance Service) will send the car along with its ambulance to the accident. MOK is open 12 hours a day, from morning to night.
When to call an ambulance?
If a child suffocates, has stings, has suffered from poisoning, has fallen from a height (considered to be twice or twice the size of the body), is insane, has a severe bleeding disorder, is impaired, He suffered.
It is very important that you give the dispatcher and then the ambulance doctor accurate information about your histories at 104, as really serious accidents happen in the first 10 to 15 minutes.
In all cases, tell the truth, even if you know you are making a mistake!

There is no such thing as a bad нzы!

- In our experience, children also eat or drink what they are really up to. Once for alarm, they were alerted. The mother said her three-year-old baby had eaten so many cigarettes. We asked you to show me the box, but he chose to throw it away and even throw it away. Because it didn't seem quite credible, we doubted that gastric lavage was really necessary and necessary, because we believed there was no kid who would eat anything as bad and bad as a cigarette. During gastric lavage, we learned that we had a great deal of experience in this. dr. Gestures Йva Mentor, director of the Hungarian Children's Rescue Service.
Listen to this!
The child has eaten or drank anything that may be poisonous, and do not throw the box away! The displayed composition is an invaluable piece of information. Tell us how much you drank, ate, or if you didn't see it, but you know how much it was in the glass before, then talk to your doctor! Keep drugs out of reach. It is not enough to stack it on the shelves above, because no height movement seems to be impossible for you to reach.
What to watch out for is flame retardant
- A very small group of parents can effectively quench fever. After administration of the drug, if the fever does not go down, they will give you a new dose instead of a cold bath or a cold reptile without needing to get the little one you need before repeating. We've had cases where a couple of months-old flu baby was brought to the hospital with a drug poisoning, warns dr. Gestures Йva.


- Unfortunately Bethesda Pediatric Hospital Elementary Department we also visit it very often. Occasionally, the parents let the bathing water down first with hot water and then cooled down to the correct temperature. However, their little one could see that it was almost full and thought he would fall in the water before the parents let in the cold. The hot water hurts caused wounds to the baby's body in significant amounts - the doctor recalls the furry case.
Listen to this!
Cold and warm water at the same time! Set the hot water temperature (up to 40-45 degrees Celsius) so that if your child opens the tap when bathing, do not soak it.
Hot tea, coffees and soups should not be in the immediate vicinity, as you may be attracted to it in an unhurried moment. When cooking and having to go out of the kitchen, never leave the seedling unattended near the stove! Put it in the baby bed or close the kitchen door!


Dr. Gestes Dr had also encountered a case where the family's favorite dog had practically scalped the child's head and had to be sewn back to the hospital.
Listen to this!
Never leave your child alone with your dog, even if your pet is harmless, gentle, and "never hurt anyone"! The small one may strike the dog with movements that the animal will respond to with urgency.
What you don't even think about in the garden
Sharp rocks in the garden can cause the most variety of injuries, even if water, however small, can cause suffocation.
After raining, when you go out into the garden, look in the woods for any buttons! These lovely hats can be a deadly threat.
- There was an alarm in the summer when a little boy became entangled in a blanket that covered the pool with water and then sank and almost drowned. Probably the ball could have hit the foil, but the letting go. Luckily, the little boy survived, but we were transported to the hospital in shocked state, ”the doctor recalls.
Hehguta in the car
- The police had alerted the ambulances because they had found a sleeping baby in a car. We called the firefighters who opened up the car so we could get out the little one who got the heat and almost smelled it. In this case, the parents allege that they were asleep so badly that they had no intention of waking them up as they ran into the store, Doctor Gestes continues.
Listen to this!
Never leave a child alone in the car! Even if you do not get a scream, but you may wake up and be terribly scared if you are not there, or worse, you open the car door, get out, and start your search.

He fell from high

- Believe that a couple of months old seedlings can be left in the feeder! In a number of cases, proving that the baby was rocking in the feeders, she was overturned. Bone and skull bones prove the danger of the device.
"Unfortunately, we also saw an example of a baby being rolled up in a diaper, which could have been worse in the brain." We didn't leave her alone, only her mother swallowing her buttocks and she pulled herself to the ground. At the moment, it seemed like nothing was wrong, but the next day he was visibly flabbergasted and started to vomit, says the doctor.
Listen to this!
If your child does not feel awake after the rain, call the ambulance immediately! It is extremely important that you do not move it, pick it up, or pinch it, as you say and do it, because it can cause more serious injuries! If your baby is very small and you can't handle the gravity of your condition, you better call an ambulance!
Only in childhood!
- There are three major causes of injury in traffic accidents. One is when parents are not locked in because they "only" go to the door or to the chick. Accidents that occur during such a couple of minutes of driving are extremely serious and sometimes fatal. The second is when they do not use childhood at all, and the third is when they use it, but bad.
Listen to this!
Get babies that have isofix systems and lateral nappies.
Do not try to bring out foreign objects!
"We needed rescuers and firefighters to save a five-year-old boy, who was grabbing his brother and waking up in the garden." When we woke up, we saw that the child was practically pushing himself in the arm. Because it is forbidden to remove any object from the body, regardless of size, firefighters had to cut the garden on the two sides of the child in order to carry it with them. Apart from this irregular situation, most often a piece of the glass door inside the home causes bruising.
Listen to this!
Under no circumstances should you try to force the splinter, as it may cause even greater bleeding. Doctors in the hospital, with the right tools and expertise, will remove them. Be sure to attach a safety film to the glasses to prevent similar accidents.
Duluth drowned in his sleep
"We were very sad when an eight-month-old girl drowned while sleeping in a duvet. Her mother was breastfeeding in the French bed and the baby fell asleep between meals. She didn't want to wake her up to put her in the baby bed, so she let her sleep there. She bared her with blankets to keep her from falling, but her pillows were not stolen away from her and she was suffocated. In the case of drowning, it is necessary to start the resuscitation within five minutes, but since the mother did not know how to do it, by the time we called it out, the baby died. - Even if the parents do not make a mistake, it can still occur, most often between the baby's two and eleven months of age. In this case, the breathing simply stops. Parents are advised to complete a first aid course so that they can save their children's lives when appropriate! - suggests dr. Gestures Йva.
Learn to help!
The Hungarian Child Rescue Fund's staff members organize free first aid courses for parents, prospective parents, grandparents and baby sitters in the field of accident prevention and first aid.
Find the location and time of the courses on their website under the Education section.