Furnish your nursery with a little money for the long haul

Furnish your nursery with a little money for the long haul

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It's best to believe that your baby will grow faster and have more and more needs by buying the first furniture. It is economical to have your first furniture up until school or later.

Kids are women, you don't think how fast. When the first rocker and basketball posters came up to our baby's bed, so it didn't feel like we were furnishing a baby-smelling baby room. If you do not want to change the furniture often, paint or munch on it is worth thinking about the baby's early disappearance when you are little. The frothy, frilly, teddy bear environment may be a good fit for the newborn, but a few months later, the little circular motion is desperate for it. All lace phases can be omitted. It is best to start with furniture that will grow with the child. The baby should preferably be able to function with a slight change of sleep after a few more years. A diaper closet or play rack can be made when you no longer need the original function. For the same reason, it is good to have a high desk and high chair in the nursery when you are in high school. Adjust the height so that the child's back can remain straight while drawing and his entire foot resting on the ground.
It is not advisable for furniture and accessories to be very multi-patterned. It's just a nice thing while it's empty, but as the kid puts it, and our live color toys, books, clothes, and pictures appear, we're going to be very disturbed.

Ovnбllу ovisok

Most kids want to be alone by the age of two. But what can you do with an average height of just one meter. The light switch, water tap, toilet hood will certainly not reach the four-year-old. At first you will also be in trouble with the handle. So you have the known nut: Mother, help me! And mom is reluctant to leave the tap-priest again and again. He might ask the bigger kid who, in a harsh "all over" scenario, excludes further aid expenses for hurrying "dedуs."
How can we prevent this unfortunate state? Let's look at the construction, home improvement work from a child's perspective. Design light switches at waist height. This way, you can avoid the evening "I'm not going to sweatshirt, it's dark !!!" beginning to believe.
Washing, drinking, and fruit washing can be successful even in pre-school age. To this end, we prepare the bathroom with a wide, non-slip shower base and a childrens tray in front of the bathroom sink.
Of course, the question may arise: is it not a particular problem if the ovis can oscillate. Doesn't kid-friendly home furnishings mean that the little one will constantly paddle around and switch on the lights. We can prevent this kind of "malice" by teaching the child in time what to do. Of course, this requires patience, determination, and consistency.

Children's room: space for the child

Furnishers think it is ideal to design a child with about six square meters, either when the apartment is built or when choosing a nursery. From age one through adolescence, the child's age is higher than that of an adult. From the age of eleven, he uses his room for relaxed play and reading. Execute your need for action outside the house, crammed into a "band". However, ovis, a young school age, still likes to jump in her room, skateboarding, and hanging out.
The size of your home made a lot of decisions. If we manage the place wisely, we find that some elephants are a tool that will make our child move. What goes anywhere is a place for a sponge mattress, a place for tufts, wrinkles, and then mortals. The big mattress can be an evening of tranquility: here you can join your family to the evening fairytale, here you can sleep from time to time with a friend, and the mattress changes into a big thing.
If the door is wide or the crossbeam is strong, it is also possible to install a rocking or swinging inside the house. There may be a ribbed wall on the wall and a rain chute can lead down. Recently, more and more ball-in-the-room ball types are available, from the small ball to the huge kangaroo ball. It is often used for therapeutic purposes, and many inventors give the name of their inventor. (The lower neighbor, on the other hand, has a demographic point.) You can also mount a paddle board or darts board on one of the walls, which will almost certainly erase the tiles from the continuous calculator.
If there is little room in the nursery, you can buy a raised bed, under which you can set up a playpen or study area. The folding bed can still work, but it stays open from adolescence, because "why fold it if we get into bed again in the evening"?

Two kids - two rooms?

Most of the family lives with two children. Usually the question arises: whether to live indoors or together. Just because we have space, I don't have to set up two nurseries. Kids love to sleep in a room, or even sleep together. One-bedroom sleeping arrangements can also be a solution to some sleep problems, as children feel more secure together. A separate statue is needed when the age is high, or when the children have a very different temperament, and the livelier disturbs the calmer. Almost every child in their teens needs a "private space".
If there is no room for an outside statue, we can offer a bucket to him, at least. In a room with two children, great care must be taken to buy space-saving furniture and take advantage of the height of the space. Significant headroom can also create a loft gallery, but we can solve the problem with a classic bunk bed or a raised bed. If two kids want a realm outside, you can use a shelf system, a wardrobe, or the bed itself. If you have a better wardrobe in the middle of the room, it has a really ugly back. This can be done with pockets of textiles, posters, shelves or drawings.