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Friendship with Light, Never Seen Musical Instruments, Special Therapy: Programs for Early Autumn

Friendship with Light, Never Seen Musical Instruments, Special Therapy: Programs for Early Autumn

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For the youngest we found a theater, for the parents a meditation concert. But also the outdoorsman is playing: Judit Halabsz Budan sings.

It's just a play. The Researchers are up at night
you can make friends with real easy!

We're researching here!

The 23rd of September will be the 15th of August, the largest scholarly educational festival, the Night of the Researchers. The young fхkйnt szуlу tudomбnyos fуrumrуl not hiбnyozhat the kiemelkedх szнnvonalъ Da Vinci Learning oktatбsi tйvйcsatorna йs the Edupress Tudбsprуba kцzцs mыsorhelyszнne where dйlutбn hбromtуl exciting evening until eight programkнnбlat, йlх kнgyу, vetйlkedх йs ajбndйkok vбrjбk the йrdeklхdхket, great for little ones йs egyarбnt.
The series of programs begins with a guided tour of the Da Vinci Learning Sample Tutorial in the Gödör Club Aquarium Room, Sánk Andrбs researched by planetary scientists. "I have compiled the Da Vinci Learning research program with the latest results from Mars exploration. says the planetary researcher at ELTE. 18 уrбtуl Бllatiiiii! cнmы you can experience adventures under the sea at our extraordinary biology, but you will be personally present at the Tropicarium Leonardo, the heartbreaking boa who cares about your presence to make new friends. The program is closed by an exclusive photo tour of the Fuzzy Magazine, which takes you to a distant, exotic country.

Get to know the SOUND!

Interestingly, this barely a dozen years ago, the Swiss instrument has just been named. Nothing close to the Hungarian report. We recommend this, however, because it has a wonderful voice and can be compared to most of the eight bells coordinated. In addition to the performances of HANG DRUM, the concert at the Sooker Crystal Cave features more than 20 exotic world music and audio therapy instruments to create a cohesive stream of relaxation and introspection. Soуs Arnold will give a concert in the cave on Monday 26th, Monday 19th.

Tells me about healing

If one becomes ill, not only his body but also his soul is generally in need of healing. Since 2009, the Smile Foundation has been organizing hospital story-telling sessions that help children regain their mental equilibrium by using the Neapolitan.
The Smile Foundation's programs are free of charge, and support for therapeutic activities in community centers and other locations is provided. Now the foundation is round with the world! is organizing a major online donation campaign to get more seriously and chronically ill children at risk of healing. An amount of money for a child is important, plus a grant of 3,000 for a child to cover the cost of a therapy lover.
The fairy tale and its symbols, fairy tales, helpers and magical locations can also help you on weekdays. You can meet them at the Puppy Park between October 21st and 23rd. With the help of the professionals of the Smile Foundation, those interested can enter the world of fairy tales. They can admire wood that is up to age, make iron bars, and face their mites. Whoever does not believe should come after ... You were born first!

MOM is here

The newly opened MOM Cultural Center has opened its gates during the summer, but the official season is scheduled for September 23-25, 2011. The series will feature a new venue for the Outdoor Stage, a children's favorite, Hobbit Judit he also performs, and after the mountain student concerts, the Solti Győrgy Music School performs a variety of colorful programs. Character photography, kids' programs and an unloading party will be waiting in the park around the stage.
The walkable, friendly community square in Sirály Street is set for the evening of September 23rd, with a little fun, my soap bubbles. The next day will be a little wine tasting and a concert by Magdi Rozsa will entertain the visitors.


What is a bitch? A friendly hiding place where fantasy can take you on endless adventures, a nook that holds many secrets. Tucked away by its resident jazz musicians, the Symphony Orchestra asks for help from the children in finding the lost kingdom and retrieving the night rushes. Along the way, small adventurers can encounter a one-eyed eagle, a rusty robot, or a purple ant. They will be part of the games, the dance and the music, while they themselves become fabulous. In the cookbook time, from the morning to the morning of the next morning, the little ones will have their own voice, body and movements that will be moved by the history, the music or even the characters. Meanwhile, they themselves can play, move and become acquainted with the ineffectiveness of their abilities.
You can watch the first performance on September 25th at the Bali House.