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Asthma, in short

Asthma, in short

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The most important symptom is the gradual onset and difficulty in breathing, which is caused by the urgency of the ears, and the difficulty in hearing (a distinctive, whiffling, wheezing sound every time).

It can be caused by some kind of allergic inhalation, physical exertion, laughter, and small children often develop such symptoms due to an acute upper respiratory infection. Several factors can also cause asthma attacks in the same patient.
Kezelйs: In the case of frequent recurrence, the physician recommends preventive treatment in the form of an inhalable drug. Once the seizure has occurred, inhaling the medicated medication may help. These solutions are state-of-the-art, effective, and practically free of side effects. There are some "check marks" made of plastic (nebuhaler) that can help small children absorb the medicine.

The nebuchaler assists

Home remedies: It helps to increase your physical fitness in parallel with medical treatment. Yawning, a lot of outings, is very effective.
When will it go away? Usually the symptoms decrease or disappear as you get closer to your adolescence, but you may get sick again later. Much depends on a healthy lifestyle and precise implementation of treatment. With asthma you can become an athlete!

Asthma club in the Svabhegy Children's Hospital

In the former Svabbegy Children's Hospital, there was usually a lot of traffic in the lodge, especially during the cold season. In these cases, the viral infections of the brain are thickened, causing symptoms of croup and then asthmatic difficulty in many young children. If the home fails to improve the condition of the child, the hospital is the end.
Dr. Gбcs Йva, Dr. Jбkly Andrea йs Dr. Rita Göndöcs lung medicine specialists, the club's hosts said, always bring their little patients home with a final report containing detailed treatment guidelines. Asthma is, according to today's science, not curable, but with proper preventive treatment called inhaled steroid drugs can be asymptomatic by regular inhalation. In everyday life, this means that the kid can run, laugh, play sports with his friends, and his drowning cough does not stop him from playing.
However, international statistics do not show the improvement in asthma that modern drugs can expect. Everyone knows that injectable drugs are very effective, but their use has some downsides. You should not wait until the symptoms have worsened. You need to start dosing right from the start, so the results will be better. In addition to this, few technical details need to be practiced with children and their parents.
Dr. Uhereczky Gbbor to start the department head physician, learning from these experiences, began to empower the asthma club.

Treatment at home

The guidelines for the minor treatment of a child who has been released from the lung department are often the responsibility of the home doctor. You multiply the recommended dose, and you have an opinion as to when you need to deal with the symptoms. After two months of being free of symptoms, the parent is also insecure and does not use preventive and symptomatic agents as discussed. The result: the child doesn't take the handler seriously, the portions are omitted, and the status deterioration is about to occur.
Even after running for a few months, I am still choking and drowning, and the slightest infection of the breath is immediately carried to the lungs. The kids in the asthma club just watched a movie like this when we went to see them. The little ones were afraid of what he had done, what his son should have done. Fortunately, an angel hurries to help, so the sad end is gone.
Watching filmmaking in a good team competition and discussion - children can play with fun using a variety of tools and gain important knowledge about illnesses.

Successful management (history)

Krizsбn Bgi she was born prematurely due to an intra-uterine infection. In the first ten days of his life, he suffered from severe pneumonia and antibiotics. Five months later, he produced the first croup seizure with which he was contracted in the hospital. From the age of eight months onwards, seizures also weighed down the picture. In short, it turned out that severe symptoms are always caused by viral infection.
Two years of wandering followed. During a season Five crippled seizures, five pneumonia the baby, while her mother didn't get much help with home treatments. They were here when a friend of the physiotherapist's mother mentioned the existence of the Swabian Asthma Club. "Then we first heard about this possibility. We come here a long time ago, and the suggested treatment limit is now that there have been only two cases per year for the previous 6-8 seizures, and even one last year. the joy if Bgi was wrong.
Now I know exactly what to do. If I've run out of ideas, I'll call you and tell you what I've done so far for the seizure. Any department doctor can tell me what the next step is. It hasn't happened since we ended up in the hospital, "says Andrea's mom Krizsanny Bucsъ.

Asthmatic cough

Unfortunately, they are rarely infrequent in infants, and asthmatic cough is increasingly common at the age of one. Contact a pediatric pulmonologist,
- if your child appears to have a lot of cough - even if it's cold - when he or she drinks cold, breathes cold, or gets a cough attack after persistent laughter, jogging and dawn;
- if you see it frequently and it always continues with severe coughing;
- if you get tired after a minor effort.
Allergic asthma is very common in the background of asthma. Flammable heat can be stimulated by bacterial or viral infections, physical or psychological stress, cold or polluted air. Asthma is accompanied by cessation of seizures in the form of seizures: the body is freed from the many cravings that occur in the ears. A typical symptom is the faint sparkling noise that exerts a dull breath: the airways can only pass through the airways. Make sure that the child has enough to drink, especially hot spring water.
Keep calm because your nervousness gets stuck in it and it only aggravates the seizure. If this condition is repeated frequently, a specialist will recommend preventive treatment, usually by inhalation of a nebuliser.
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