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The tallest tower in the world comes from LEGO in Budapest

The tallest tower in the world comes from LEGO in Budapest

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In the LEGO Store Budapest, Telekom presents the LEGO Tower Record Record Experiment, which organizers and sponsors will be interested in a 5-day free program series from May 21 to 25.

This year, the 46th LEGO Tower Tile, held last year in the United States at 34.43 meters high by a school student, will be held in the square in front of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest. This time, this record has to surpass Hungarian children, assisted by two official Danish LEGO chefs in their work. Elements of the tower will be studied by school children and visitors to the Basilica over the course of the next five days, which will be superimposed on the tallest LEGO tower in the world.The mбjus with 21-йn kezdхdх Guinness record toronyйpнtйs tovбbbi szбmos free program talбlkozhatnak lбtogatуk the Bazilikбhoz as pйldбul master LEGO йpнtхakadйmia, LEGO videojбtйk kiprуbбlбsa Telekom csъcskйszьlйkein йs csalбdi mozaikйpнtйs, tovбbbб Ford autуйpнtх competition йs mozaikйpнtйs, LEGO Chima competition Ninjago ninjakйpzх akadйmia, but kids can play freely at LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Friends, and the little ones will enjoy the LEGO DUPLO pool. Weekly programs will include celebrity star productions such as Tomi Fluor, Rick Farkashzzi, Bubory Ensemble and Animal Cannibals.
The tower is expected to reach its highest point between 13 and 14 o'clock on Sunday, close to 36 meters. You can admire this all day long or take photos with the record you have made.