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Brain-washed kids?

Brain-washed kids?

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"The wildest nature film also provokes aggression in children, but cartoons do the most," Tamek Vekerdy ​​said in a lecture. Why don't kids, daddy, video, and dummy do kids?

Brain-washed kids?

Intellectual rubber bone

"Inner silence, outside noise and the child," he said Vekerdy ​​Tamбs in a lecture. Interpret the effects that affect us in our inner world, silence them, and put them in place. Children have a lot of "things to process" - this process, ъn. elaborбciу, relieving tension, processing external effects internal images are projected: worldly knowledge is transformed into its own inner imagery. It can be a tool for games, for example, for dreaming, for dreaming, or for novel reading, that is, for any activity that initiates fantasy scenes.The toddler has an ubiquity but cannot make a difference high and inside kцzцtt. When he sees the father, he is almost crippled, for he has seen the image. However, it will become less and less satisfying, as what you are expecting is not starting the process of internal depiction, not stopping the tension, but instead shedding new, alien information, "wash it off. The outward picture, for example, the father is like children dogs with rubber bones: laughs, hears, but in vain: nothing can be shot down, and no sap is leaking from it.

Silence is golden!

Every parent is familiar with the scene: when the child is raised in front of the parent, he or she will look nervous for a while, become restless, fidgety, and at the same time cannot break from the screen. One of the reasons for the anxiety is to process it it would also require physical exercise. It is even more problematic that the external image blocks the inner image. virtual worlds are more likely to increase child aggression. According to an American study, cartoon is the one that enhances it most. Not because of the violence that is not reproducible, which is even harder to process (though it does add, in the public domain), but because of the abridged, simplified images that are not his own. This applies not only to television, but also to video and computer, even to a much lesser extent, but also to slide show. The essence is that in the cases listed you get the picture readyand this external image prevents internal art. What does the specialist suggest for you? Let's read the story to the child! Tension and anxiety can only be resolved by the tale being listened to. In this case, the child looks at the adult with a "twofold eye": he gazes at the story teller, but in the middle sees what he has heard. His own cinema has begun, a series of inner images that he identifies with so much that he immediately responds to an adult if the familiar story lacks just one common attribute. Emotional identification makes the story you hear interesting. Reading education starts with listening to a story: a child who will read well, and will become a reading person who is able to create spontaneous inner images, and who will practice them. According to a survey, a child who hears a story every day may be able to prevent a person who is not a regular talesman at the native language level by going to school one year later. In addition, it has been a scary experience that many children, by the time they are in school, are getting tired of listening to tales and can't play no.

From the piece of wood to the numeral

The most important activity and physical and mental developer of children is play. It doesn't matter back, because what they play! "The best game that can be anything" - this quote is more than two years old, Goethйtхl szбrmazik. Sometimes, for example, a piece of wood is more effective in triggering imagination by giving him time and opportunity to have a baby, a sword, a car or a superabundant horse in his hand. with interactive games: You think they improve responsiveness, intelligence, and so on. However, this is not the case: these preprogrammed, mostly simple logic games only activate your child virtually, since, like in the case of fire, you are ready to receive pictures, information, insights and insights.

It prohibited? Free? How?

If we look at something, like the letters, we flutter and fix it a little bandaged: a little tension in the eye muscles. On the contrary, the muscles of the eyes relax in the presence of the big screen. We have shown that it is brain waves also change, much like sleep or the state of meditation. It is a big difference, however, that in later cases the processing stops because it is closed to the world, but when it is an adult, the brain nerves are filled with information, it relaxes the concept of the child. However, our inner world is in great need because our regeneration forces come from there.Hegedыs Giza According to the children, children should not watch death until the age of 10, so they could be a reading person who can learn, relax, build an inner light, and retire there in adulthood. Vekerdy ​​is not that strict, but he does do not look for a father until the age of three children, and less should not twenty minutes more every day I spend it with education. During this time, they only watch carefully selected, selected programs, and most importantly, there should always be an adult, possibly one of the parents who can ask and explain what they have seen.
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