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Does a man sleep less if he becomes a father?

Does a man sleep less if he becomes a father?

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For most mothers, it is certainly not surprising that a recent study has found that women with children can sleep much less than those who do not live with children. But it doesn't settle on the male window.

Do men sleep with their daddy as much as they do before their baby?

The examination also showed that children are not affected by the amount of sleep that men have. As soon as the research leader arrives Kelly Sullivan, Georgia Southern University's Jiann-Ping Hsu College staff reported that 48 percent of children with childhood reported having sleep at least seven days a day, compared with 62 percent of women without a child.Sullivan's people who have inquired about how tired they are of sleeping every night and how many times they have felt tired in the past month. Women with small children reported having been burned 14 days a month, while there were only 11 such days for childless children. The study also found that between 3,000 children depend on their existence, and each child living in the household increased their risk of inadequate sleep by 50 percent. Men did the analysis in the same way, but they had no influence on the amount of sleep the children had. The professionals would find it helpful if parents with a child what tasks did you carry out in the household, including childcareso everyone can sleep well and relax. The details of the study will be reported to those interested at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in Boston in April.Related Articles:
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