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What kind of baby carrier do you choose? Everything about baby carriers

What kind of baby carrier do you choose? Everything about baby carriers

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Baby carriers allow your baby to feel his / her heart at all times, to stay secure and to move freely without the stroller.

Carrying newborns

Not all baby carriers are suitable for carrying newborn babies. If you are looking for a carrier for a newborn baby, then a woven carry and stretch cloth is suitable. The big advantage of woven cloths is that you can use it a lot, from birth to 2-3 years. Provides a secure hold, and you can tailor yourself to your individual needs and artistic abilities. Because it has a lot of bindings, that's why you can tie your baby to your stomach, hips, or belly.The other alternative is elastic cloth, which has the appeal of being smooth, soft and comfortable to use than woven cloth. Unfortunately, it has the disadvantage of being portable only and can safely serve the baby at a weight of 7-8 kg. If the child is heavier than this, the material does not support properly due to its elasticity. Elastic wipes are not suitable for single-layer dressing. This stretch cloth is a popular carrier for beginners because of its elasticity, easy handling, soft and gentle feel It makes the port smoother.

Let's carry the bigger baby too!

If your baby is two months old already, you can try it on. The circular cloth is in fact a short woven cloth with two hoops attached to one end. This way, the cloth wraps around a adjustable size ring that you can use to carry your baby on the hips.

Larger babies can be carried with ease

The advantage of this port is that it is quick to use and that the tightness of the "bind" can be adjusted even in the middle of a ride. This is the case, for example, in the case of breastfeeding and breastfeeding in the middle of the world. You can wear a little shawl in front and on the back, but not as comfortable and as light as a shawl. After five months, the options are further extended. The popular solution is the two-kangaroo, also known as ours. The baby is most comfortable to carry around on his back. This portable is actually a block-shaped material with a square attached to each corner. You tie two of these to our waist and the other two to a shoulder strap. Finally, you have a buckled kangaroo, which is a carry-on backpack. Very comfortable to wear, especially for athletic pregnant women.

Head here, head there…

We often suffer from backache and low back pain, so this is something that should be taken into consideration when choosing a carrier. A good carrier evenly distributes the weight of the baby on your body, so it will be tiny "weightless" with no arms, back, and waistline. However, shares the weight on the two shoulders: cloths, soft buckle carriers, or knitted kangaroo. In case of shoulder pain - if you are both sensitive, you are offered a carrier that you can tie with only a knot on the chest and skip the shoulders.

Who carries the ... carrier?

If not only are you using the carry, then are you wondering what might be important: will your couple and your grandmothers use the carry? Will you have a child or will you carry your brother (in-house)? Are you standing before losing weight or gaining weight? There are movable and non-movable carriers, so this is an important consideration when choosing. If you are planning to have more than one child, it is advisable to get a shawl - which you can use from birth - along with a carrier that is comfortable and comfortable for everyone.

Which one is better? Portable cloth or knit kangaroo?

This is a difficult request. Most of them cast their votes next to the handkerchief. Those who love cloths swear by the more direct relationship between mother and child, and prefer the traditional baby transport method found in many nappies.

SO NEITHER: Has a small one week and only supports the foot in the thigh

It is really important that the carrier is properly orthopedic. Things to watch out for: - Keep your little thighs all the way to the wilderness. This is absolutely necessary for proper nipple development.
- Never carry it with us for a week, always with a belly up. True, looking outward would see more, but unhealthy - no spine and tongue!
- If the baby is too small to hold the head or larger, but falls asleep, then it is absolutely necessary to have the head rested.
- Carry the entire carrier, not just the back. Be in close contact with your body. Ideally, the child should move in accordance with your movement and not be distant from you.
- Only carry up to 7 kg in the front for your health. If your baby weighs more than 7 kg, then carry it on your back or on your knees. In all cases, the mother-child relationship is direct. Make your own decision! Go to a baby shop and try out more baby carriers! Whether you choose to wear a cloth, or use a knitted kangaroo, you will find it very practical to carry, cook or switch off while you always have your baby.
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