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10 minutes a day of sweaty exercise makes your child's heart feel good

10 minutes a day of sweaty exercise makes your child's heart feel good

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For most kids and adolescents, switching to more intense sports rather than finer forms of exercise is a good idea, according to research.

Intensive exercise for 10 minutes per day is more than 1 hour for slower movement

There is no need for hard-to-train hard-core exercise, and up to ten minutes a day of intense physical activity can bring about significant positive changes in children and adolescents, according to a recent study, They lived in different areas of the United States, Brazil and Europe. The result speaks for itself: if the child sweats for ten minutes instead of a daily low-intensity exercise, with effects on the cardiovascular system and metabolism. "Regular, day-to-day, vigorous exercise can help prevent different types of heart problems and metabolic problems, and type 2 diabetes. because it has a better effect on the child's organization in the long run, "says research leaders Justin Moore.According to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, there is a need for further studies, as many other factors - genetic predisposition and lifestyle - significantly influence the predisposition to disease.These are related to childhood sports topics:
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