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Flying Butterflies And Fantasy - Cartoon

Flying Butterflies And Fantasy - Cartoon

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The owner of the 5 drawings received the most votes will receive a voucher worth 10-10,000 Ft.


But butterflies and butterflies are not in the heart in the spring alone, for there is no little girl in the butterfly era when she loves all the things on which these graceful creatures can be found. For many, this attraction does not disappear even in adulthood, so you can often find butterfly inspired objects in home furnishings.
Well, those who love butterflies will surely find great pleasure in the special butterfly show brought by the Praid Butterfly House of Szeklerland to Campona Bevelsburg and Leisure Center.
April 11th and 30th Flying over 80 square meters, you will admire the special tropical butterflies that come from the butterfly farms of South American, African, and Asian countries, and come here in Budafok. Over 100 individuals of 5-6 tropical species will be visible at this time in a comfortable, friendly environment for them, with rattling and free-flying zebra finches contributing to the overall tropical experience.
Apart from its extraordinary functionality, Campona also has a number of butterflies, as you can photograph butterflies, butterfly face painting, a small garden, and a craftsman's level.
However, there is a way to create it now, as during the entire event there will be a drawing exhibit in Campon, complete with butterfly drawing. To make these, we now make the call to invite all interested children from 4 to 14 years old to draw. The motto of the appeal is: WONDERFUL SPRING OUTDOOR.
The creations can be made also with colored pencils, crayons or markers, or even with watercolors: The point is, each one has a butterfly in some form. Anyone who wants to draw a butterfly can do it for anyone who wants to draw richer this fabulous season and this creative theme. We are waiting for A4 size drawings, which should be submitted in digital form to the [email protected] e-mail address.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 6. The drawings will be judged by the Mother Turn and Campona. The owners of the 5 drawings that receive the most votes will receive a $ 10,000 voucher, which can of course be redeemed at Campon. Another 5 winners will be awarded to Rick Farkashzzi and the Tintanyъl Transdanubian CD. Rika and her musicians also give two concerts during the Butterfly Weeks, with their favorite songs playing on April 23rd and 30th.
The best drawings are on display at the Campona Estimation and Fun Center on April 16th, and then for two weeks in the Butterflies.
Prepare with drawing cards, colored pencils, feathers, felt pens, fantasy, and of course, butterflies on the paper!