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Free to train while pregnant?

Free to train while pregnant?

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The most adventurous woman, who is just over the end of the ninth month, is looking for the most rest and tranquility, and her days are filled with the thought of seeing her child face to face.

However, Lea-Anne Ellison, 35, of Los Angeles, is not the type, and it's no wonder she has mixed up with the photos she posted on Facebook two weeks before she was born. more than a thousand contributions have been received, most of them describing the woman as irresponsible and irresponsible, who puts her own grievances before the safety of her child. However, there are those who take it for granted that it is much better for a pregnant woman to be fit than to have a baby with high blood pressure when obese. Ellison, who already has an eight-year-old son and a twelve-year-old girl, is not very interested in his five critics, and once told of his second child, he decided he would just be bombarded.

He is not the only one who thinks that exercise should last until the very last moment, and some experts also support the view that trained women are more likely to endure childbirth. According to the English Health Organization (NHS), it is recommended that everyone be pregnant during the half-day period, not too strenuous, in the absence of any complications. In their view, in most cases, both the mother and the fetus benefit from exercise, and, contrary to beliefs, do not generally increase the chances of premature birth;
As far as weight lifting is concerned, professionals are of the opinion that anyone who has done this type of physical exercise routinely will not be pregnant, but of course, who has never lifted weight before, should not start this sport. This is equally true for all other forms of exercise: what you have done regularly on a regular basis does not have to be interrupted by pregnancy, you just have to adapt the exercises to the changed situation.