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Here are 10 things we may be allergic to by surprise

Here are 10 things we may be allergic to by surprise

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Mostly we have heard of pollen and peanut allergies, shampoos and soaps. However, it is less known that many other things can cause allergies.

Here are 10 things we may be allergic to by surprise

You set this up Dr. Matthew Zirwas, a contact dermatitis specialist at Wexner Medical Center in Ohio. Here are 10 things that few people know that you may be allergic to.

The torch

A few years ago, the expert noted that some babies 'intimate bodies and their mothers' hands were full of kinks. Later, it was found that some cleaned-up brasses kept their products with methylisothiazolinone instead of paraben and formaldehyde.

The body poles we use a thousand years ago

Occasionally, we use a product for as long as ten years, and then we get it out. According to Zirwas, if we have genetically encoded allergies to a particular ingredient, we are lottery-sometimes using the product.

Antibiotic and anti-itch creams

It is conceivable that after an insect bite, the person will apply the drip to avoid itching, and everything will get much worse by the day. It's a similar problem antibiotic creams it can also be used by many people to treat small cuts locally.

The linen

THE dust mites It is only microscopic in size, invisible to the naked eye, but its growth is allergic: it is often nasal, it is easy on the eyes, or it can sneeze. To combat this problem, you can wash your bedding once a week with hot water.

The room books

THE penйsz common at home allergies, only the excess in the bathroom and the basement are regularly dispensed with, they tend to forget about houseplants. But they can be moldy ...

Restricted to the escalator

The rubber or rubber. Latex Coating Limits can also come into direct contact with anyone who knows that rubber or latex allergy It is.

My circle

The acrylic Allergy sometimes it turns out that my circle might not have been the best idea…

There is nickel in the food

Americans have app. 15 percent sensitive a nickel, so when wearing certain jewelry, there is an appearance on the skin. However, nickel can also cause problems in food.

The weather

Not everyone loves the cold, but some are simply allergic to it. Not only is this a saying, cold allergies skin reddening, itching, not infrequently swollen, but also rashes may appear cold action.

The redness

Some have exclusive access to the vцrцshъsra allergies, so you must refrain from consuming, and avoid contact with redness during cooking.
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