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The over-born is more likely to have mental problems

The over-born is more likely to have mental problems

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According to the latest research, babies born too far are more likely to develop a lower mental problem.

More babies are at greater risk of mental problems According to researchers at Cardiff University, cortisol stress hormone levels are higher in women who have had children in the fall or in the winter than in those who have given birth in the spring or summer. The researchers examined 316 Welsh women's cortisol levels in different seasons, according to who brought the baby to life. In the pre-natal period, and they were sampled immediately after birth by those who participated in the researchAccording to Professor Ros John, cortisol levels rise naturally during pregnancy: they are exposed to very high levels of stress hormone before childbirth.According to the professor, she was born to women during this period Cortisol levels are 20% higher than those born in spring or summer. - Because higher levels of cortisol have previously been associated with a greater predisposition to mental problems, recent research also explains why these diseases are more common in over-born people - the expert explained. However, it has not yet been possible to explain why cortisol levels rise in the autumn and in the far-right females (VIA).Related links: