Offshore Ministry Reception at the Babamama Expon

Offshore Ministry Reception at the Babamama Expon

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At Babamama Expun you can also find benefits, family support and social benefits for actual children!

Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma Szociбlis, Csalбd йs Ifjъsбgбgyйrt Felelхs Бllamtitkбrsбg Szociбlis Lakossбgi йs Tбjйkoztatбsi Osztбlya hйtvйgйn is placed ьgyfйlfogadбst to Budapest's Papp Lбszlу Sportarйnбban the Children Vilбg Йlmйnyhйtvйge rendezvйnyhez kapcsolуdу Baby Mama Expу kiбllнtбson where aktuбlis children utбn jбrу ellбtбsokrуl, csalбdtбmogatбsi йs szociбlis ellбtбsokrуl give tбjйkoztatбst .
For the seventh time this week, baby-mama adventures, screenings, 4D ultrasounds, and meaningful performances are all about 9,000 square feet, and are expecting babies and mothers. Expert visitors can get advice from health experts on health, family planning, baby care and nutrition, and information on the benefits of cell banks and the benefits of baby food.
Babamama Expo And Children's Night Out
November 16-18, 2012, between 10am and 6pm every day
Location: Papp Lбszlу Budapest Sportaréna
More information: and