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Are the poor parents poor?

Are the poor parents poor?

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According to the latest psychological research, money and parenting do not fit together. Parents who deal with their work, their wealth, their social status value less than parenting their parents.

Most of all, mothers are the ones who are able to lose most of their currency they are responsibleif the material would distract us. According to researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada, financial problems do not ease parents' lives, but gazdagsбg nor will it do you much good if you book them too much. Winning couples spend money to the extent that they lose sight of their parenting goals. Money set contradictory goals for parents with children - researchers reported at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference.Earlier research has shown that many parents feel less comfortable than childless marriages, despite the fact that many have a happy childhood. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have asked parents attending a family-friendly festival to submit a psychological book. One group of parents was asked to read an article about the festival's financial success, while another group read about the impact the festival had on the children. At this point, each group had to answer parents' questions and questions about the meaning of parenting. The results showed that those who read about money making and motivated them to see less value and good fortune in parenthood.
Research leader Kostadin Kushlev summarized the results: "Money is not for fathers, but for fathers jeopardizes the meaning of parenthoodwhen they spend time with their children. The reason for this is probably to find a light balance between work and family life. "

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