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Huge amount of money raised with kids limonade

Huge amount of money raised with kids limonade

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And the money from the lemonade was given to a children's club. And that's when the donation really starts.

Huge amount of money raised by kids with Limonade (photo: Instagram)Amanda Zerbe of Ohio has three children, as does her best friend, Hillary Weidner - writes the 24th. one thousand forints). Parents convinced children to give money to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, partly because they felt good about donating, and this was because they had one of the most important children .The Two Families made an Irish check for $ 148 and entered it into the house with the money. This photo was posted on Instagram by a mom so that if a girl favors her, she should refer to her. And that was when the donation really started, and now it is worth $ 155,000 (almost $ 47 million).